Report: Tony Romo is Dating Natalie Smith, Was Sort of Cheating on Jessica Simpson For Months

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Tony Romo dumped Jessica Simpson the night before her birthday July 10.

But was the Dallas Cowboys quarterback hitting another receiver deep (if you know what we mean) prior to that? That's what new reports are insinuating.

Jessica Simpson exuberantly announced "the man who loves [her]" was at a February 6 concert - seemingly not concerned about Tony Romo was sitting with Natalie Smith, a younger, skinnier look-alike of the alleged singer and actress.

And that's not all. According to Us, Tony Romo had been sending "flirty texts" to Natalie Smith for months while still putting up with Jessica Simpson.

After the show, Tony Romo introduced Simpson to Smith, 22, the daughter of the athletic director at Romo's alma mater, Eastern Illinois University.

Tony Romo is pumped up about Natalie Smith, his Jessica Simpson upgrade.

"We hung out for, like 10 to 15 minutes, backstage," said Natalie Smith (pictured above) according to the celebrity gossip tabloid. "She was cool and nice."

But multiple sources says Simpson should have been suspicious, as Romo had an "emotional affair" with Natalie Smith months before dumping Jessica.

"They are not officially dating, but are having an intimate relationship," a Smith source says. Adds another pal of Smith, who typically dined with Romo when he'd visit his college town: "They've always flirted and texted each other."

"They had phone conversations one to two months before the breakup."

It gets better. While Simpson is a "wreck" over the news, Natalie Smith is supposedly "determined not to become clingy like Jessica." Good call, Nat!


Tony Romo will get what he has coming, baldness and becoming another Cowboy has been. What he did to Jessica Simpson was cruel. What goes around comes around. Someday he may grow up and look for something besides a cute piece of ass to entertain that lame brain of his. His body will give out too, one day, and he will be judged for phisicality as well. Hope he gets real fat as he gets older, he has it coming.




i think jesseica simpson need to move on forget about tony roma get some one better


the posts are correct, nat is dingy and definitely a tramp. and her parents are going around town bragging about it - that's the worst part. way to pimp out your kid for some attention. oh and the boob job - it was paid for with her college money.


I know her as well and to say she isn't a slut is hilarious. You apparently don't know her very well. She is nice and sweet, but has a dirty side too


You people who are judging her by her looks, labeling her a "slut", are ridiculous. Why is it that the good looking girls in the world get labeled as sluts and the people who label them as such are unattractive? A jealousy issue maybe? Just because they have a pretty face or body, they have no self respect and give it up every night to different guys (which is the definition of a "slut" for those who don't know)? I don't think so. I actually know this girl and she's a very nice, sweet, gorgeous person. Who cares if Tony Romo is dating her. Who's place is it to really say or care who dates who? Move on with your lives people!!


go tony!! pimpin. he wont regret a thing he is tony friggin romo. jessica simpson is lame. most women are boring anyway so i dont blame him


I think i would have to agree with he went with a down grade. Its ok he isnt thinking with the right head just like most men he is just a pig and dosnt know what he had. I think he will regret it when Natalie turns around and is caught with another guy.


she is not as pretty as jessica. she is a little girl.


she looks like a slut(sory if im worng) definitely not an ugrade. more like a downgrade!

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