The Bachelorette Spoilers: Reid's Return Confirmed!

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Reid is coming back next week on The Bachelorette.

If you weren't convinced already, the final moments of last night's utter waste of time "Men Tell All" special were a tease for the season finale.

Amid shots of Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke meeting her family and Jillian Harris preparing to make her choice, the narrator, Chris Harrison, promised that “an unexpected confession would make her question everything.”

A montage of dramatic music and cuts followed, the last of which was a shot of a ring in a man’s hand ... a hand belonging to ... Reid Rosenthal!

Chris had said that Reid wasn’t able to make it to the "Men Tell All" taping due to to a prior engagement. As in an engagement to Jillian Harris?!

Just Jillian

You never know, with The Bachelorette editing that was already used to manipulate and sabotage Wes Hayden, what this actually means, but If he weren't still a factor, Reid Rosenthal sure as hell wouldn't be MIA at the "Men Tell All."

We know now that Reid Rosenthal comes back, and considering he’s holding a ring, and what a shocking twist it would provide, you've gotta think he proposes to Jillian.

The question is, how does this impact the ending?

Does she choose Ed Swiderski, break it off with him over the girlfriend he allegedly has in Chicago, only to have Reid swoop in and sweep her off her feet? Does Reid profess his love to her, only to have it be too late? Does she reject all three?

Jillian's blog on People today once again does not say she is in love, nor allude to the fact there is even a man in her life. This has some fans thinking she could pull a Brad Womack and choose no one, but she could be just playing it cool.

What do you think? Who will win The Bachelorette?


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she picked ed last year in 2009 it is 2010!!!!!!!!!!


If what is being said about Jake (that he is a Christian) what
religion if any is Jillian affiliated with?


If what is being said about Jake (that he is a Christian) what
religion if any is Jillian affiliated with?


I think rumors are true...that Ed finally admits to having someone else in Chicago. Have faith Reid might not be over for you yet! Where's poor Jake???


I read on some other post that Jillian picked Reid and is now living in PA. I checked and there is a Jillian Harris that lives in PA on a street that is VERY close to Reid's address. Check it out.


i hope that she will pick ed or reid but this is going to be really hard for her i hope she makes the right choice and i hope she will be happy with that choice


I would be shocked if Ed had a girlfriend. He doesn't come off deceitful like Wes did. Regardless of whether Wes had a girl or if it was just talk, doesn't matter. He was never in the running. I believe they (men or women) always keep a throw away contestant so as not to lead on the ones who are really "good people". (remember Charlie kept that narcissist blonde until the final 3) Wes was the throw away this season. He wasn't that handsome, fun, or charming or even talented so, I don't think Jillian was really attached to him. Although, I like Ed, I'm rooting for Kipton. I think he is the one with the most chemistry with Jill.


I will be so disappointed if in the end Ed does have a girlfriend. I so thought they made a nice couple who had found true love. As far as Wes it makes no difference if Ed does have a girlfriend, Wes was a loser even if he didn't have a girlfriend. He was there to use the show to futher his music. Bad Boy!
I'm begining to think that this program is just a total bunch of lies. Why can't the producers go back to the nice honest program like it was when Ryan and Trisha did the show. Check these contestants out before they are allowed on the show. If anyone thought Jason was a bum wait until we find out if Ed really does have a girlfriend. I approved of what Jason did as he did try it with Michelle but if Ed has a girlfriend and has been playing with Jillians heart. Dirty Dog!