Point, Team Jacob! Kristen Stewart Plants Fake Kiss on Taylor Lautner

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Turn away, Robert Pattinson!

Your rumored girlfriend is pretending to make a move on another man!

At this year's Comic-Con festival, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were asked about the increased focus on their characters' relationship in New Moon. With Edward away, the two almost kiss, as shown in this still shot from the movie.

Similarly, in the video below, Stewart lunges at Lautner and almost plants a wet one on him.

"We get along really, really well," Taylor said afterward.

It sure seems that way. Should Pattinson be worried?


nooooooooooooooooo, kristen nooooooooooooooooo even if it is a joke
they are best buds he's like a brother to her but still nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo taylor is so not her type
where is her chaperone er i mean b/f mike angarano?


dont be fuckn mean! she one of mih fav actresses, shit, shes a beter actress dan u's! i dont c u's on any movies do i??
and the reason y she looks high wich idnt think she does... is becoz she stil her character joan jett wich i hope she pulls off. so shut up! and deal with it, withowt da bad comentz about her!!! GREAT ACTRESS KRISTEN STEWART!!


awww come off it guys, shes not that bad :P
i thought she played the role alright if ya ask me :P
could of been better but like nobodys perfect?


I agree - she is a crap 2D actress and my friends and I now watch Twilight as a comedy and practically cry with laughter every time we see it (especially the "I know what you are" scene). But at least the guy was smart enough to move away from the ugliness.


oh cmon!!that was sick!!!


Jude, I agree. Please Summit Entertainment (if indeed any of the reps from Summit read this) recast the role of Bella!! Kristen Stewart is a crap actress. To call her an 'actress' is an insult to the profession. Whitney Port was right, 'her acting is so two-dimentional'. Get rid!!! PS. bring back Rochelle.


kristen looks like she's high. gosh i wish they cast emily browning instead....


Taylor looks so hot. I don't know why more people aren't Team Jacob!

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