Morgan Freeman Will Not Marry E'Dena Hines

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It is now common knowledge that Morgan Freeman, and his wife Myrna, have split after 25 years of marriage. It is also well known that Morgan and Myrna had raised his step-granddaughter (from his first marriage) E'Dena Hines.

Well, recent reports that Freeman, 72, had a decade-long affair with E'Dena Hines, 27, have surfaced amid Freeman's divorce reports - and moreover, the actor is said to be planning to marry her. Woody Allen can relate, but few others can.

Morgan Freeman Wins!

The National Enquirer said he and E'Dena Hines "are planning to wed after Morgan's contentious divorce battle is over," that "Morgan has let E'Dena believe he wants to marry her," and "becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E'Dena's goal."

E'Dena Hines will not become Mrs. Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman's camp had kept quiet, assumingly finding the story so absurd it saw no reason to comment. At first, it was hard to argue with that logic.

But, so many people jumped on the story and began printing it as fact - or at least reporting it so many times that some people inevitably assumed it was.

Finally, Freeman's publicist set the record straight, stating in regards to the story: “It's complete garbage. The allegations are 100 percent made up."

Well, that clears that up. And it's probably for the best.


It is a scientific fact that humans are not monogomous creatures. And "man" has embraced multipule relations in all cultures since the beginning of time. So Clinton, Woods & the like are really not off from the norm. However Morgan with a family member, wife's 17 yr old grand-daughter is criminally-insane incest.


Sick man, sick woman. Very, very sick situation :(


I like some of the others here are blown away by the fact that people only see what they want to see, read what they want to read and run with it...truth or not. So many of you who read this must have just passed over (with your gossip seeking glazed eyes) the part where his publicist said this is 100 percent made up. Many other reputable people have said the same but for some reason you think the National Enquirer is more reliable????? Now I can understand why people vote for some of the idiots they vote for in this country!


. smh , terrible lies.


Sad! Wht a great human being! Sad!
The higher you soar,the harder the fall!
First was tiger,then morgan.....i wonder who's next....


this is soooooooooooooooooo wrong get a life thats all i gotta say


She's fine...he been gettn dat since she was 15-16..DAMN...probably broke her in...drivin IN Ms Daisy!!!!!!!!


Only if it was not cupdity coupled with stupidity on the bride's
part,such conspicuously ridiculous affair would not have materialised.MEHTEMETICALLY contempleting,72-10=62 then 27- a decade=17.The love of mammon exclusively marauded the lady to the extent that she goes in with her grand grand grand pa at minority age.Most often than not the love had developed even prior that amusing age.HOWEVER, this can only be factually relevent if it is not a mere allegation.


I find it interesting how quick you people are to condemn. Info surfaces saying Mr. Freeman is going to wed his step granddaughter. Pay attention to what is and what is not published. The National Enquirer? since when do you take supermarket tabloid info as true? Oh yeah a good lie is one likely to be believed by idiots. The article here only devotes one line to a response by Freeman's publicist.
You are being manipulated, same as always.
you idiots believe a supermarket tabloid? I guess George Bush is an alien, hell just about everybody famous is.
Tabloid bull


God needs to punish anyone who works for the National Enquirer! What a bunch of bull! It's no wonder that the world is so "messed" up, with people trying to exploit someone's sexuality just because they can't control their own urges. Morgan is a gentleman unlike many of the jerks I've seen walking the earth. People can learn a lot from the kind of intelligence a Gemini like Morgan carries with him. Too bad that people are complete idiots when it comes to living with people. I suppose that Morgan lives in a jungle and spins around a tree until he churns up some butter too? What idiots people can be, not only racist idiots, but just fowl "mothers" who should be strung up by their innards and fed to the carrion (preferrably on Morgan's own ranch).

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