Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron: Future Co-Stars?

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We hope you're sitting down, residents of the Tweeniverse.

This news is gonna rock your world!

A reliable source has told Moviehole that Zac Efron might star opposite Miley Cyrus in a reboot of the 1950s movie series Gidget.

Those films, and the proposed flick that would feature two of the biggest teen icons on the planet, were based on the 1957 novel, Gidget, the Little Girl with Big Ideas. The novel tracks the adventures of a young woman and her surfing friends on the beach at Malibu.

Very Handsome

O...M...G! Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron might woo one another on screen in the near future.

If this deal goes through, Cyrus would take on the title role, while Efron would play her love interest.

Earlier this month, remember, Miley admitted her crush on Zac. Perhaps Vanessa Hudgens should truly be worried now.

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im wanted be in the movies with miley and zac.


Back off! Miley is great. She is just growing up! And BTW Madison, Watch out your A$$ before talking about some other people. You, , you dont wanna be like that!


i love them both and i would love their movie for sure!


i love miley so leave her alone. nd i would love 2 see them work together. they would make such a cute couple onscreen!!!! ♥


mileyt soo shouldnt work wit zack he is so gay and ugly she belongs with nick miley desevers so much better than that shes a really good actor and singer she just too good for zack he is such a play...... miley go for robert patterson lolz


UHH NOO!! Miley & Zac would NOT look good together. But, maybe they WOULD work out.. He likes sluts..


all of u guy that hate miley are insain, i wanna see her strip she is so hot! and i recon she'd be good with whoever she wants, its her life back off!!!


Back off you stupid miley haters, I'm the owner of a magazine and I think miley is the best aswell as venessa! They are like BFF's.. Besides I want Nick Jonas, she can have that backstabbing zac efron(even though he is sooo HOT!)




Miley And Zac Are Ment To Be With Each Other, Vanessa Is A SLUT!!
Miley Is So Pretty And Got A Better Personality Then Vanessa, And Zac Doesnt Need Vanessa What Ever Vanessa Had Mileys Got.
Zac And Miley Are So Cute Together!!