Melissa Rycroft and Tye Strickland: Together, Happy, Talking

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Earlier this week, Molly Malaney said she could marry Jason Mesnick "tomorrow."

Ironically, however, the couple that ended up together at the conclusion of this year's The Bachelor is not yet engaged.

Conversely, the woman that Jason passed over for Molly, Melissa Rycroft, is set to tie the knot with her insurance agent of a boyfriend, Tye Strickland.

"Tye is my true love," Rycroft said to People, comparing this relationship to her brief engagement to Mesnick. "No disrespect [to Jason] at all, but that situation doesn't compare to where I am now – engaged and happy. It's a different feeling."

Happily Engaged

While the couple admits it has set a wedding date, it also wants to keep the details of the nuptials private.

But that won't stop Strickland from gushing about his fiancee, or admitting that their circumstances are unusual.

"The last six months have not been normal," he said."But we wouldn't change it because what we had to go through has allowed us to be where we are today. It's been a blessing in disguise, and I don't think either of us has ill feelings towards anyone."

It looks like everyone involved in controversial season of The Bachelor have moved on. Have viewers? You tell us!


Glad Melissa has moved on, she sure had someone looking out for her and it sure wasn't Jason who seems to think that he should take credit for her happiness. All the best to Jason, he needs to move on but can only do that when he takes full responsibility for this actions and then disappears and lives the life he says he wants with Molly.


What a curious career move. Squeaky clean imaged, engaged, GMA contributor, Melissa Rycroft is set to host a Lindsay Lohan-like Vegas Vodka party this Saturday. DCC party-girl days returning? How will ABC feel about the pictures of the tattooed dudes and half naked chaquitas party people hanging on their new starlet? Melissa Rycroft Hosts ABSOLUT® Saturday at AZURE July 25, 2009.


Seems to me if anyone is still not happy, even though all three of these people are extremely happy right now, then they need to re-examine their lives and see what's causing them to want to hang onto intense feelings for people they don't even know. More often than not, it's something in that person's own life or background that they are projecting onto other people in order to deal with their own inadequacies. I haven't talked to one person yet who even remotely has any "personal" feelings about Melissa, Molly or Jason, other than to wish all young couples in love happiness.

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