Amy Fisher: Coming to a Strip Club Near You!

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Amy Fisher is moving on.

The Long Island Lolita is no longer shooting people in the face or starring in sex tapes.

Instead, Fisher says she's planning to embark on a cross country tour... as a stripper.

"I love to dance, and I'm an exhibitionist," Fisher said of her naked plan. "I am going to take this road until my fans tell me, 'Dear, please put your clothes back on. You're too old.'"

In that case, allow us: Dear, please put your clothes back on. You're too old.

Amy Fisher will soon be stripping at bars around the country. This is only the third strangest thing she's done in her life.


Once a piece of trash, always a piece of trash.


Give her a break?? no one gave Mary Jo any breaks and she was the innocent one in the whole mess--most guilty?? that would be the murderer Amy Fisher--just because Mary Jo didn't die doesn't mean that b__ch did'nt premeditate murdering her and followed thru all the way to Mary Jo's door. Amy did everything within her power to plot and kill Mary Jo from pure jealousy it was a stroke of luck or an angel of mercy that jilted the path of that bullet just enough to save her life--gun jamming bull--! standing on the doorstep with a loaded gun and pulling the trigger says it all--actions speak louder than words-and Amy's actions shout out loud what a POS she is --please throw the b$@%ch back in jail


I have seen Amy on many occaisons at a local store in the area we live in, Besides the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, She also had a lot of talent writing articles for a Long Island paper. I wish people would give her a break.


She looks like she road a lot of Johnny mop in jail.




Can't wait to see you again. I've missed you. Mary Jo misses you too. Mary Jo also misses half her face.


All I can say is this girl (woman now) is a TRIP!!!! I felt awful about the wife getting shot and her husband cheating on her, Mary Jo was a good wife and a nice person so don't get me wrong I am not trying to be cruel or cold. BUT that whole scandal fasinated me!! I mean this girl must have been way into Joey to do what she did!! I mean was he THAT good in the sack??? Talk about fatal attraction!! Or was Amy just crazy??? Old Joey got more than he bargained for when he thought he was just going to fool around with a horny young girl!! But he and Amy both became famous of infamous from all of it!! What a world we live in!! Man what drama!! Like a crazy Lifetime movie!!


...."the gun went off in Amy's hand because it jammed" WRONG!! Guns don't just "go off" unless the triggers are pulled. Guns don't "go off" because their "jammed". This is a typical excuse for someone who shoots first and doesn't think of the consequences.... As a ballistics expert, I can tell you that you can load a gun, and even cock the hammer, and throw it against a wall, and that gun will not "go off" without the trigger being pulled-PERIOD.


Amy Fisher wrote a book, found herself a new career and even spent money on getting herself a new face. To see her dreams of normalcy and family happiness tossed aside for these glitter thong, pasty dreams is unreal. She never shot Mary Jo in the face, the gun went off in Amy's hand because it jammed and Mary Jo got shot in the neck. It's amazing that even after all of this time, and all of their pain society is still keen on watching this poor woman make an ass of herself by tearing her clothes off for cash. Joey went down that road and he's a disgusting pig still to this day, and people still overlook the fact that in his era he was a pedophile, Amy was underage. I am genuinely concerned for Amy's future, and feel as though if she feels there is really no hope for her to have any sort of future without this strip tour she should revisit her own words in her book. What a complete travesty.

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