Hairstyle Showdown: Kate Gosselin vs. Heather Mills

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A couple months ago, Kate Gosselin claimed that "everybody wants" her hairstyle.

Turns out, she meant "everybody that's been through a public divorce and is as grating and attention-starved as I am."

Indeed, Heather Mills walked the streets of New York City today with a 'do eerily familiar to that worn by the awful reality star.

We can only assume Mills has her evil sights set on Jon Gosselin. Expect her to make like Hailey Glassman next (pass the bong!) and Kate Major after that.

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  • Ugly Hair

Who looks better with this hairstyle?


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Kate's pics don't get shown out of courtesy to her BF/BG's family. And, THAT is not Kate's haircut on Heather. If anyone's it is Posh's. They both have it tapered above the ears not in a huge clump (apparently to cover one big ear on Kate) and THEY don't have the ridiculous(ly, as kate would say) scruffy crap on the crown. Don't keep giving Kate credit for EVERYTHING she says or does or shows because Kate uses something that's out there and all of a sudden it was her invention.


Am sick of seeing Jon with his latest girlfriend and saying that he's just "innocently dating" his latest chick. Every picture we see with Kate is one with her kids. Why is Jon showing just his latest fling and Kate with her kids? At least one is sensibly paying attention to their family. Jon & Kate....remember you have 8 kids!!1


They look exactly the same. Heather Mills could be her twin.


How come we've never seen a picture with Kate's peacock in heat hairdo superimposed on Jon? Now that would be funny!


That's a hairdo? I thought it was an attempt at a razor cut gone horribly wrong. And that's Heather Mills? Well, she definitely needs to travel incognito after all the cr*p she's pulled. Shouldn't we have some kind of automatic deportation policy for greedy Brit hags?