Erin Andrews Hotel Video, Photo Oglers Rewarded with Nice Computer Viruses

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Hackers and people who write computer viruses are losers. But we have to say, this is the greatest thing those degenerates have ever hung their hats on.

Thousands of horny morons received lessons in karma after trying to download naked footage of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews only to get a virus instead.

Video of the stunningly beautiful and extremely popular sports reporter nude in her hotel room hit the Internet over this past weekend. It was taken through the door's peephole and shows the 31-year-old naked, unaware she's being filmed.

Taking advantage of sports fans' collective fascination with Erin Andrews nude, hackers are posting links that claim to have the tape but really just give you a virus.

Talk about a d!ck move on their part. Yet you can't help but laugh.

"Hackers are no slacks when it comes to taking advantage of a hot Internet search trend," Graham Cluley of anti-virus company Sophos told USA Today.

Many of the real nude video links were broken after Andrews' lawyer and ESPN's legal team stepped in, reminding people that Erin Andrews is a victim.

"While alone in the privacy of her hotel room, Erin Andrews was surreptitiously videotaped without her knowledge or consent," her lawyer said.

"Although the perpetrator or perpetrators of this criminal act have not been identified, when they are identified she intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material."

Please, do not click on any links in our comments sections claiming to be the Erin Andrews nude video. We don't have, or link to it. Period.

We will take bogus links down as we come across them, but we do not endorse, nor can we control the miscreant hackers who publish these toxic links.

In the meantime, click to enlarge some beautiful, fully clothed Erin Andrews pictures that will definitely not give you any viruses. Bet that's a relief ...

Erin Andrews Pic

go to for the full video but you have to fill out an email takes like 5 seconds. Totally WORTH IT!


Yeah! What Chad said! Knock knock! Hello? You don't see this happening to respectable women like Hillary Clinton or Lady Thatcher! Erin Andrews and ESPN are just upset they aren't making any money off of this deal! Watch, a few years from now or even before this decade is over, Erin will be posing for PlayBoy when she needs the money!


What a joke. ESPN has been profitting from her shapely body since they hired her. Now it's been taken a tiny step further and they're so angry...if only she'd just agreed to do it for them...then they'd have been happy. What a complete double standard and a joke! Erin! You make money off of your sexiness and looks!!! Hello!!! Anyone there? What did you expect???


this link worked for me


Thundercats hooooooooooooooo!




Ho? Did someone say ho? Ho ho ho Merry Xmas!


anyone who saw the video please tell us if her boobs are real. i betted my buddy $5 that says their fake! this ho is only worth $5


use a mac or ubuntu - no worries

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