Dr. Conrad Murray Admitted Giving Michael Jackson Propofol, Law Enforcement Officials Say

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Police have long believed Dr. Conrad Murray administered Propofol, a potent anesthesia that should never be found outside a hospital, to Michael Jackson.

They have also been operating under the assumption that this killed him.

Well, there's a good reason police believe Murray gave the star the drug. It turns out he admitted doing so two days after Jackson's death back on June 25.

Dr. Conrad Murray told the LAPD he administered Propofol to the music icon hours before he died. This is according to multiple law enforcement sources.

Murray gave Jackson an IV drip of the powerful anesthesia.

Police believe Murray simply wasn't paying attention when the star's heart stopped beating, thus accounting for the timeline gap in between when the coroner's office believes Jackson flatlined and when the 911 call was placed.

One theory? Dr. Conrad Murray fell asleep while the drug was being administered and awakened to find Michael Jackson dead of cardiac arrest. The singer died by the time paramedics arrived, though Murray did not let them call it there.

An IV drip of Propofol allows for a constant, steady infusion of the drug during a period of time determined by the trained professional administering it.

Again, this is supposed to take place in a hospital.

Moreover, it is considered reckless in the medical community for a doctor to administer an IV drip of Propofol without the patient being monitored by an EKG, which monitors the patient's pulse. No EKG was found in Michael's house.

Another device called a pulse oximeter is used to determine the oxygen saturation in the patient's blood. If the patient's breathing slows to dangerous levels, an alarm will alert the treating physician. No oximeter was found in the house.

No one knows precisely why the drug was administered.

If the above is all true, however, we suspect it is only a matter of time before Dr. Conrad Murray faces the music, possibly even manslaughter charges.


Hey Brandi I am with you everything you wrote make so much sense I personally can't get over this specially I had a chance to meet michael in2004 I cry everyday that crazy man is not a dr excuse me he killed michael he is not a dr in my book Drs are to save life not to kill all he cared about was his 150.000 a month the sad thing as u said michael trusted him michael's time was not up I can't imagine we loose him in such silly negligence way that man is a criminal he killed michael may our love rip.and god bless him


His Concert in Houston in the 80's was so wonderful...My middle schooler won tickets to see him at the Summitt....What a talented kid...Even I, the mother, was "thrilled" at his abilities...just amazing...Now, to the unfortunate death...I don't even know this Dr., but I can't imagine that he would knowingly KILL his new job...I can only imagine that he, as mentioned above, possibly fell asleep, which can happen to any of us...On the other hand, as a representative of the medical profession, if this product was NOT to be administered outside of hospital facilities so a person could be monitored, then shame on him...I used to own my own business near Houston and naturally, we were held accountable for every single part of our job....It was a very unfortunate accident, I am afraid. I am SAD for his children,SAD him and SAD for the dr. as well.....who apparently made a terrible mistake! I DO NOT think he meant to cause harm to Michael Jackson!


I was so sadden by Michael's death.I was not one of his greatest fans.May he rest in peace,He is not hurting anymore.It is so sad someone with such talent dies like this,I hope what ever the truth is about this doctor, that he reliaze's Michael had trusted him with his life and this is how he repaid his trust.It is also shows that people with money can buy anything.We have lost so many great singers and actors this way.I feel for his family and his children,may he rest in peace.I love you Michael.


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GO to Hell murray you killed MJ how could you give him Propofol then fall asleep which just prove your a bad doctor and all MJ fans blame you

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