A Kendra Wilkinson Pregnancy Update

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OMG. Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson - who just returned from a nine-day honeymoon to St. Lucia with husband Hank Baskett - felt her baby's first kick Monday.

"It was so crazy," she said Tuesday at the Espy Style Studio in L.A. "I was just sitting there. Then all of a sudden, 'Bam!'" I was like, 'That wasn't gas!'"

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No, it sure wasn't.

"I got really excited even though it felt weird," Wilkinson added. "I was like, 'Oh my God, something's in there! It's healthy!' Hank is in Phoenix, and I called him right away and was like, 'I just felt it kick for the first time.'"

As for putting on the pounds, Kendra says weight doesn't matter. Not that you can even tell she's pregnant at this point. Check out that figure ...

Mrs. Hank Baskett is still lookin' damn good.

The Hank Baskett-Kendra Wilkinson wedding took place just three weeks ago, but the hot newlyweds are already transitioning into full parents-to-be mode.

"I just researched on the Internet if you can feel it kick this early," Kendra said. "I'm four months and one week right now, and it said I can, so it's crazy!"

K-Dub said overall she is "feeling good" but is "craving a pickle right now."

Get your minds out of the gutter, fellas.


I love Kendra to death,and i love love her show,i think she is down to earth she and her husband makes a great couple,she is being her self,i wish them all the best of luck and a happy blessed mirrage.God bless...


I love Kendra and when she was with the girls next door,she has a wonderfull husband and becoming a mother is so wonderfull, and changes your life and your husband lives forever but it's all worth the pain and NO SLEEP @ NIGHT


OMG!! i was so EXCITED when i heard Kendra was getting married. IM so PROUD of her to get out of the mantion and on her own with her OWN LIFE!!. (SHE'S) the reason i watched the GIRLS NEXT DOOR!!.I LOVE!!! the fact she's so WILD! and loud and speaks her mind. she's down to earth. relaxing and would be GREAT AND FUN TO HANG OUT WITH! i see her to be one that would pick you up when your down. im so happy to hear she's having alil BOY!as im not sure how'd she raise a little girl.lol as she's a tom boy herself.. no matter how crazy some people think she is.. atleast she makes herself and her husband happy. with great attitude. I WISH THE BEST OF LUCK IN HER NEW FAMILY AND HER FIRST LIL MINI-HER!!! CANT WAIT FOR MORE UPDATES ON THE BABY AND HER!!!


I think they are really good together, Ive been watching her new show and think its great, she really makes me laugh, she dosn,t care about what people think about her, and if I had half a chance I would like an old sugar daddy too. They really love each other and thats all that matters. Congratulations and all the luck in the world to them both


I think she's adorable, and he seems like such a sweet, down to earth guy. Of course she has her "moments" but who doesn't? I think if you really love someone those little quirks become one of the reasons why you love them. I think their marriage can last as long as the fame and gossip don't get to their heads.


I think they are a cute couple; hank is hott and kendra is good looking; their baby will be adorablee.(= I just recently started watching that show like yesterday. I wish them the best and I know they will last. P.S. another thing, yeah she might have been *banging* hef. but she was a legal adult. so she could have done what ever she wanted. Get over yourselfs.


ooooh green eyed monster rising here...there are a gazillion other channels to watch, if you abhore this girl so much, you know what to do with the remote, go back to watching teletubbies or something. Kendra is a refreshing change. I had my first baby 36 yrs ago and didn't have a clue, but both my boys turned out healthy and happy, and lastly Kendra married Hank not his mother. No girl would be good enough for our Hank. Good Luck you two and God Bless you both.


I love them both too. And I think they will last. They are not all about the fame you can see they truly do love one another and they will make a perfect family. I dont see them letting haterz like the 1st to commenter ruin their happiness!!


being a bunny is not solely about sex and her mother supported her decision. And as for the marriage i think it will last they are perfect together and so in love don't be bitter cause you couldn't snag her!


I agree with first post. That Hank seems like a pretty nice guy. She's obnoxious and I really don't think his mother is happy about that marriage. She's shown herself nude on that boatride when the three girls and Hef were in Europe. She dresses like a sl-t. I can't believe her mother thought it was "cute" that her daughter at age 18 was banging Hefner. Gawd, what's this world coming to?


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