Michael Jackson 911 Call: Singer Was Already Unconscious

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The Michael Jackson 911 call made yesterday at 12:21 p.m. PST from the music icon's house in Holmby Hills, Calif., has been released. It is not pleasant.

The person who makes the call says that the "50-year-old gentleman" (Jackson) was not breathing and was already unconscious at the time of the call.

Michael in Concert

Michael Jackson was not responding to CPR or anything else. His personal physician was next to him at the time and attempting to revive him, to no avail.

The caller, who is not identified, says he did not see what happened to Jackson. The caller says the singer's - Dr. Conrad Murray - was the only witness.

"The doctor has been the only one here," the caller says.

Listen to the Michael Jackson 911 call by clicking here.


We may have lossed a great performer but never forgotten. But my heart still dance to your music. Love u my baby daddy


your died don't meand i canne forget you honny becaus you livi always in my haet


sorry for michale jackson death and my cried when he died and he was afantastic dancer and a good singer


sorry for michale death and my dad cried and he loves michale jackson and he was the best dancer and a best singer and he so fantastic xx we all miss you


I think they really need to get that so called doctor! I am so furious at DR. Murray's actions. MJ should not be dead. Maybe if the doctor would have performed CORRECT CPR then maybe MJ would still be with us today. I just hope they get the Doc, In my eyes he is a suspect not a witness.
On the other hand Im am glad that Michael could be at peace finally, he is a free spirit now. He seemed so unhappy at times so incomplete so empty. How could he not be unhappy from the bad experieces he had in his childhood and as he was growing up. May god BLESS YOU Michael we all love you. You are beautiful, always have been always will be. My sympathy to the ones who TRULY loved him.


I cant believe this happended. God always said there was a story and a path set out for all of us and if its our time to go and join him in heaven, then its our time. We all love you michael, you will never be forgotten. All the time you felt pain and upset you wont have to feel like that anymore. The lord is with you and he wants to take care of you. For the whole day it was pouring down with rain. God was crying for you michael, not crying with sadness crying because you have stepped into the light now, to be with the lord jesus. We feel so much pain and greif. Why should we mourn we should celebrate not because you are gone but because now you will be alive more then ever. your in the lords hands you have nothing to worry about. Our deepest sympthay goes out to all michaels family and friends, and his biggest fans. May the lord bless you all. X


Tom Sneddon must be celebrating wherever he is. He hounded michael jackson into stress and an early grave. Based on lies told by greedy people. Hope he's happy now.

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