Sarah Palin Has Carrie Prejean's Back

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Embattled Miss California Carrie Prejean certainly has her share of critics, but rest assured, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is firmly in her camp.

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    BTW libs didn't your hero Shanna pose in Playboy a few years back? I believe so.

    So get off the moral high horse (you know the one you always attack conservatives for riding)


    The pics would have never even came into the public eye had she not caused such contraversy with the gay marriage question.

    Gays shouldn't be able to get married. Marriage was created by the church. They absolutely should be able to have the exact same rights as a married couple...but it can't be marriage.

    Also- Moakler is DISGUSTINGGGGGG


    First Amendment Correction = dumb queer liberal

    BTW, any firestorm criticism of your hero Zerobama coming? Didn't think so.


    "The First Amendment has nothing to do with being criticized for speaking one's mind; it simply protects one from being imprisoned for it."

    This is 100% accurate. What on earth are you talking about, "Guest?" The Constitution makes illegal to criticize someone for his/her views? Wouldn't criticism also fall under.... the First Amendment!
    Go read it. It "expressly prohibits the UNITED STATES CONGRESS from making laws..." that prohibit the freedom of speech, religion, etc. It has NOTHING to do with others taking issue with Prejean.
    It's an asinine, ignorant view to somehow say the Constitution protects Carrie, yet does NOT protect those that disagree with her. She spoke her mind; now others are speaking their mind. Isn't that how a free country is supposed to work?


    "The First Amendment has nothing to do with being criticized for speaking one's mind; it simply protects one from being imprisoned for it."

    Actually it also protects against the kind of persecution that CP has had to endure. You three-second attention span libs should really stop trying to act like you know anything just cause the New York Times told you so and go back to your mediocre Follywood bozos.


    you are stupid she was ask a question and she punish for answer by people like you.first admendment you shouldn't be punish for your freedom of speech the constitution.

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