Sarah Palin, Gays Support Carrie Prejean, Crazy Dad Says

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Carrie Prejean's father, Will, believes his daughter will not be stripped of her title as Miss California in wake of the growing scandal surrounding the semi-nude and topless photos she posed for during her teenage years.

Will Prejean told Radar Online that he was "extremely excited" about a news conference being held Tuesday by Donald Trump, owner of Miss USA.

Sarah Palin Shaking Hands

If he does know something about what Trump will say, he would not reveal what it is, only that it was "confidential" and would be announced in due time.

The father of the embattled, unintelligent beauty queen also said he has not seen the Carrie Prejean nude shots, and "does not care" if they exist.

Regarding the other criticism directed at Carrie - for her adamant stance against gay marriage, Will Prejean said his children were brought up to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and accused the other side of intolerance.

In a separate interview with E! News, Carrie's father noted that none other than Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been personally in touch with his lightning-rod spawn: "She called her directly to offer support," he said.

Carrie Prejean has the support of Sarah Palin ... and of gays and lesbians, according to her father, Will. No word on what rock Will is currently residing under.

While he did not reveal the exact words of wisdom Palin offered, he clarified that the call came prior to Carrie lying about the racy photos that surfaced.

In addition to Sarah Palin, the proud father also claims that Carrie Prejean had been receiving well-wishes from an even more unbelievable source.

"The gay and lesbian community has been supportive of Carrie," he lied said, despite every shred of evidence to the contrary. "It's been overwhelming."

"Everyone has been coming up to Carrie and saying, 'We may not agree with you, but we respect you for what you say.' And they're very emphatic."

The elder Prejean also spoke out about explosive reports involving his nasty divorce with Carrie's mother and claims that he said Carrie's stepdad was gay because he had a mustache. Will denies this and says his family is very close.

He also addressed rumors that his ex-wife is now seeing a woman. Asked about this, Will, in a strange response said: "No... but she loves to play bingo." There you have it, folks. Consider that issue cleared up.

Should Carrie Prejean lose her crown?


Totally biased article. Let me guess, gay author? Pro-gay bigot, maybe?


both those b*tches should pose nude for PlayBoy or better yet Hustler! I am sure Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt would pay them the big money to make all the STRAIGHT, HETEROSEXUAL MEN in America very happy!


Want to have a good look Shanna Moakler. See the full SPREAD by googling "shanna Moakler nude photos". What a total slime ball.


You want a good look at Shanna Moakler. It's easy: just google Shanna "Moakler nude photos" You'll see the full SPREAD there.


So where were you folks when Tara Connor was photographed engaging in same sex relations with another woman at a bar? I think it's very hypocritical that people want to call for Carrie's crown, but they let Tara stay Miss USA even after she admitted violating her contract by being an alcoholic, cocaine addict, prescription drug abuser and photographed in various states of dress acting very unprofessionally in a bar? And remember how she spent 2 months in rehab instead of spending those 2 months touring as Miss USA? Sometimes I think people forget what the definition of hypocrite is.


Who. Fucking. Cares? Everyone knows that the whole beauty queen thing is a fucking joke. NOBODY takes them seriously, their job is to smile and look pretty (and be extra tan). ANd now one of them has expressed an opinion and the world doesnt know up from down. Give me a break. This is NOT news worthy. How about the economy, bringing our soldiers home, Education, know, REAL issues. This world would be better off without beauty queens, UGH!!!!!!!


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" A President didn't loose his job when he lied.


"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" A President didn't lose his job when he lied.


bottom line, she broke the rules AND lied about it. Tami Farrell seems more genuinue and worthy of the crown, assuming she doesn't have a similar scandal waiting to pop up, which would not surprise me at this point. this has nothing to do with gay marriage, btw, she broke the rules and that is that. at this point it is ireelevant, and i am not stating my view on that issue one way or the other


maybe the part where he says the gays are on her side. or the bingo comment. lol

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