Rumored Couple Alert: Chace Crawford & Esti Ginzburg

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Is Crawford Chace-ing some new tail?

A New York Post spy who attended a dinner party thrown by the fashion label Sergio Rossi at Sole East in Montauk reports that Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginzburg, 19, was texting the Gossip Girl star all night Sunday.

Moreover, she left the party to go meet up with him.

The stunner just ended her relations with a New York real estate developer, the report adds, calling her relationship with Chace "initial." Hot and initial.

Seriously, talk about your good-looking couples ...

Esti Ginzburg Topless

Two hot young stars. One football. Zero tops.

Esti Ginzburg is slated to star with Chace Crawford in Twelve, Joel Schumacher's adaptation of Nick McDonell's book about drug-addled NYC prep schoolers.

What do you think? Is she an appropriate match for the Gossip Girl stud muffin? Do your research by enlarging some more photos of the Israeli beauty ....

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WOWWW haha u guys are hatin' because shes so much hotter then you and if your a dude u know u cant get a chick like that and the fact that shes jewish makes her so much more sexier. haha wow u guys are such blind asssholes. damn id snatch her up in a second if i was chase.... or any other guy out there. I LOVE YOU ESTI! AM YISRAEL CHAI- yeah , you heard- what now anti semetic pices of shit">


she is one of the most beautiful models i have seen....dont know why people are calling her a slut...jealous people...wish they could look like her


How dare you say that just because she's Jewish she's not a slut! You Anti-semite! Jews can be sluts too, you Nazi! Ha! To combat Antisemitism all over the world and web, I say more Jewish girls should be like Esti: HOT!!!


oh wow serina a bit jealous?
actually esti is jewish, and hardly what one would call
a 'slut' just because she did a photoshoop for SI doesn't make her one either. grow up.


what is he doing with her !?! she's the most slut I ever heard about.... leave her !!!
moreover she in hug with elephant legs
if i were you i would dump her...
she is just for sex!!!!!!!!!

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