Chris Brown: I Ain't a Monsta

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Chris Brown took a break from chilling with Usher and being a complete tool to set the record straight, sort of, on pal Bow Wow's channel.

The unintentionally funny video kicks off with a plug. His new album is called Graffiti, and a new single drops this summer, so "be ready for dat."

Then comes this disclaimer about the haters: "Everybody that’s haters, they just been haters. All my real fans, I love you all. I ain’t a monster."

The L.A. District Attorney's office, if it ever tries the star on the felony assault and criminal threats charges he faces, will ultimately decide that.

Still no apology or real explanation on why he went Pitbull on Rihanna that night in February, but here's Chris Brown's lame video shout-out ...

It gets better still. In a second video, Brown calls celebrity gossip blogs liars for saying he had a black eye recently. (As for Rihanna's battered face, after he beat her brains out, leaving her unconscious in a car, Chris conveniently had no comment).

The insightful transcript of the second clip:

Chris Brown: All the blog sites are liars. You guys lie. [points to face] No black eyes! You guys are liars.
Bow Wow: Liars, Liars, Liars! Yeeeeeah!

Amazingly, Brown may actually be a bigger moron than previously thought. His lawyer is surely going to be thrilled about this awesome declaration.

Follow the jump to see the video for yourself ...

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Dayyymm wishh i was deya wivv dem. dey so finne and cuttee teamm breezzy and bowweezzy fo liffee


I find it interesting how people take what they see and hear in the media as face value. The media preys on you to get irate and believe everything they put down. Chris Brown and Rhianna obviously had a fight and yes pictures show her face swollen, but anything after that you don't know what happen because you weren't there. We know the media is a bunch of blood sucking losers that get paid BIG MONEY off of reporting negative comments about celebrities. Can we every see POSITIVE feedback?!? NO!! Because people with no lives love reading about other people's misery. Get a freakin life ALL of you!!


I totalty agree with @Ajjames on the Sara comment.if Chris Brown is so "Ghetto and abusive " Why do u bother to spend time and comment about him? Secondly if u hate Chris Brown so what? he did'nt ask u to love him Chris is just sayin thanks to all those real fans who do.We are not sayin abuse is right and men should go around doin it but if they do Hopefully they learn a lesson never to mess with a girl and move on to bigger and better things not sit around feeling sorry for themselves .So all the Haters if u have nothin good to say just don't say anythin at all.Peace!


sara is a fagg f rihanna dumb she started the fight and chris ended it okkk


sara is a fagg f rihanna dumb she started the fight and chris ended it okkk


You know, there was a time when people used to say that domestic violence should be just between a man and a woman, and the government and police shouldn't get involved. I believe that's called ignorance Ilovechrisbrown. Here's hoping you still feel the same way if some man pounds on you.


@sara~u tell chris 2 make a smart statement, but u cant even type one down. U really need 2 be careful how u slang the word ~ghetto~around. Its a location where people that are less fourtunate live, not a type of person. Get your mentality straight.


It's so stupid that the first time he breaks the silence after the whole "alleged beating," all he has to say is, "I'm not a monster," in his ignorant, ghetto tone of voice. Could he not have said something slightly intelligent? Perhaps expressed some remorse for what he did to Rihanna? We all know by now that the incident is not alleged and that it actually DID happen! FUCK Chris Brown. All you people who defend him are probably ghetto teenybopper girls yourselves who have no other male role model to look up to besides an abusive, ghetto, has-been celebrity.


i love chris brown and i never stop


Im so happy he came out the twilight zone. These mean and hateful people have kept him in seclusion long enough. He has every right to move on with his life. And i have a feeling this album is going to be the best yet. Im gonna be the 1st one in the store gettin a copy. If no one in the world loves him, i do.