Pitbull Goes All Chris Brown on Fan, Keeps Performing

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This is one Pitbull not even Michael Vick would mess with.

During a Colorado concert on April 30, random rapper Pitbull was performing when a fan rushed the stage. But the artist channeled both his inner Derek Jeter and his inner Chris Brown in response:

He remained calm, absolutely pummeled the guy... and then continued to rap like nothing ever happened.

It's an amazing clip. The action picks up around the 50-second mark.


Ok u guys r blind?? They guy threw money on his face that disrecpectful and he got knocked out that guy just learned his lesson ..


Wtf? Did that really happen??? Why would he do that to a fan? I'm speechless.


omg hes so stupid..imagine if it was like a 6 foot 5 person i bet you he wouldnt have hit him hes only around 5'8..what a douche


ahahaha that was too funny. what a douche.


What an idiot... Here comes a lawsuit!


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