Bethenny Frankel Bares Bikini Body

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Later this year, Bethenny Frankel will pose nude for PETA.

Reactions to this development have been mixed, as some readers can't wait to see The Real Housewives of New York City star in her birthday suit; others are grossed out by the concept; and others are taking our staff to task for questioning PETA's allocation of money on such a lame campaign.

(Look, these billboards of D-list celebrities cost millions to advertise in Times Square and other popular areas; meanwhile, PETA is on record as having turned down the chance to rescue canines used in Michael Vick's dogfighting ring because it would have been too expensive. You do the math).

Anyway, anti-PETA rant aside, take a look at Frankel in a bikini. Does this photo make you more or less excited to see her naked?

Bikini-Clad Bethenny

Do you wanna see Bethenny Frankel nude?


World Swimwear has the cutest swimsuits. She is cool and she looks great. However, I would prefer to see her in a string bottom.


World Swimwear has the cutest swimsuits. She is cool, and I think she looks great. However, I would change the bikini bottoms on her because those bottoms do not flatter her body type. I think she would look even better in a string bottom. She is still rocking!


She's my favorite, she looks amazingggg.