American Idol Controversy: Did AT&T Contribute to Kris Allen Victory?

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We mean no disrespect to Kris Allen or his supporters, but might the reigning American Idol champion have unfairly earned his crown?

According to a report in The New York Times, one of the show's biggest sponsors may have played a vital role in Allen's victory.

AT&T, by its own admission, provided phones for free text-messaging services at parties organized by fans of the Arkansas native.

At a pair of gatherings in Allen's honor - held during, and immediately following, last week's Tuesday night performance show - representatives of AT&T (whose network is the only one that can be used to cast American Idol votes via text message) passed around free phones.

No such efforts were made on behalf of Adam Lambert.

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No one doubts Kris Allen's talent. But questions are being raised about the fairness of his American Idol victory.

Moreover, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette states that AT&T employees actually instructed Allen fans on how to send 10 or more text messages at the press of a single button.

In a statement issued yesterday, a spokesman for AT&T didn't deny these accusations:

“In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested."

Interestingly, Fox has refused to release the voting percentages or figures from this season.

Why would AT&T possibly favor Allen over Lambert? Might the company prefer a clean-cut, uncontroversial champion of a show it sponsors? We don't know.

But this rumor won't quiet critics that believe Lambert lost due to his sexual orientation.


"I'd rather listen to him sing than someone who screams during the whole song." Kristin, now you're becoming very annoying... I already got over with the show... Kris is talented... But to criticize Adam like that... It just annoys me that people can't distinguish a person SCREAMING with a person REACHING A HIGH NOTE... And the writer of this article is not complaining that Kris won... But he is just looking for the possibility that there might be an alteration with the results... It is just a possibility!!! It is not as he said the TRUTH...


No matter who won whether it was Adam or Kris no one will be completely happy, there would be a controversy. If Adam won it would have been said that he would have rigged it!


yeahh adam is hot. its a shame hes gay


Point is this was meant to be a singing contest not a voting contest! The absurdity of what happened with the power texts in Kris's "community" (is that a location, or like minded people who were also informed??) only highlights the underlining fallacy/travesty of a CONTEST where individuals r able to vote hundreds and apparently thousands of times. AI IS serious business for AT&T,Fox, the producers etc.The Times says even their rules were broken,That should count for something.Personally I liked them both but thought Adam was a one in a million knock out star. The fact that people say he was not an appropriate AMERICAN idol seriously offends me.if nothing else, Obama's election should remind us that it's our tolerance for diversity that makes America what it is.


Chris Allen didn't deserve to win and I totally believe that his fans had to cheat to get him the title. Shame on AT&T for messing up the win for Adam. Chris will be another Taylor Hicks and Adam will shine because he is unbelievably talented!! We love you Adam. You are the best!


As for Adam's fans not voting enough for him, I voted for Adam for 3 hours straight and could hardly get through. My phone battery died, that is why I didn't vote for the 4 hours. AT&T most likely rigged Adam's incoming calls. I could not get through and I know many others tried to call and also, could not get through. I have never voted before, but Adam is so over the top talented that I wanted to make sure that the person that deserved to win( Adam )did. But with Cheaters AT&T it didn't happen. Kris did not deserve to win and did not deserve to make it to the finals. Something should be done.


Adam should of won because he was the best. Kris should not of won. Kris can barely sing. He is a shower singer. There is no comaprison between the two. Cheating does not deserve victory. Kris should not of been in the final two. There were a lot of other contestants that were superior to Kris. This is not fair to them either. Adam should of won.


Adam, what can I say, you are amazing you are going to be an absolute superstar. There was no contest, even if people do not like Rock music they had to be blind no to be able to hear your incredible voice, your vocals are off the wall and I am going to be in line with all you millions of fans around the world buying your music when it is released. Listening to you sing with Queen, Wow, Freddie Murcury must have been smiling down on you. AT&T shame on you!!!!!!!!. Rock on you are going to be a rock legend without question.


Kris is a mediocre vocalist at best and will soon be forgotten. Adam is the superior vocalist, pitch/tone quality, power, technique, etc. He will definitely be around a long time. Idol is a SINGING competition and in that respect Adam won; his talent makes him the winner.
Kris needed AT&T.


Participating vendors such as ATT should never have been allowed to intercede in any part of the vote. Adam was by far the best vocalist and entertainer and will most probably become the Super Star as Simon stated if his career is properly managed

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