Lamenting Adam Lambert's Loss: Sexual Orientation to Blame?

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Fans and celebrities are still coming to grips with the fact that Adam Lambert is not the American Idol.

While Kris Allen is clearly an impressive talent, it's hard for critics not to wonder about the basis for his victory; namely, did it have anything to do with Lambert's presumed homosexuality?

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Here's a sampling of ways various critics have tackled that issue/asked that question:

  • The Chicago Tribune: "It's difficult not to wonder if Lambert's sexuality played a role in Allen's victory... If Lambert's popularity on Idol was any indication of how tolerant and accepting America has become, his loss may indicate there's still further to go."
  • Professional poker player Annie Duke: "I seriously think Adam lost just because he is gay. Bummed. Bummed. Bummed."
  • "Adam was too gay for America."

What do you think of these arguments? Weigh in below...

Did Adam Lambert's sexual orientation cost him the American Idol crown?


listen adam lambert and kris allen have equal talent and different styles of singing. the reason kris won was because he was more like danny gokey. when he went home, all of his votes went to kris because thier style is closer. eEVEN THOUGH ADAM DIDNT WIN HE WILL BE ICONIC.!!!!!! GO ADAM


I vote for Adam because of his talent in singing we should not discriminate because we are created equal in the eyes of God.


Well Austin, all i have to say is "thou shall not judge"....
Shame on you!


Im glad Kris won. He's a better singer, performer and is overall more marketable, which is what America needs. Kris is current, and Adam is not. Idk maybe Adam can sing for Journey, Aerosmith, or do the new Led Zeppelin tour, if they do one. If I want a 70's or 80's vocal, I'll just listen to them, not Adam. If I want new, current music, I'll pick up Kris' cd.


I can't beleive how prejudice some people can still be. I beleive in fairness, and Adam definitely out performed Kris on the final show. I fealt he outperformed him the entire show. I was really shocked when he didn't win. I figured it was another case of popularity vote rather than talent! If there was fowl play involved shame on AT&T!


I honestly don't care if he's gay, or ugly. He is not a freak. America shouldn;t be judging him for being gay cuz it's a singing competition not a sexuality competition. Adam was the best singer, he was better than Kris. I'm Catholic and i LOVE ADAM, i think that it was really unfair and uncalled for that he lost.


It's hard to say that he truly didn't have the majority of America behind him when the voting system is designed so that 1 person with the right kinds of software has the same voting power as 6,000 dialing from 1 phone line. I honestly believe that Adam not wearing the Idol crown is the best thing for him, but don't mistake that for acceptance of the results as accurate. Sometimes the end justifies the means, even if the means reeks to high heaven. Adam is and always will be a superstar.


adam lambert should have won AI. i could really care less if hes gay (even though hes hotD:). People are too judgemental these days. and hey did u know hes jewish too, thank god these arent hitler times, because if they were than he would have gotten like ZERO votes. and austin gays are all around you. deal with it, your probably one yourself, you faggot.


Uh, to poster Austin above, check out what Kris has to say about all this, how he did NOT want religion to play a role in this because it wasn't a valid criterion for judging this competition. And who are you to determine who's right with God and who isn't? I'll match my theology to yours any day, and I don't presume that anybody is more godly than anyone else. All fall short of that glory, mister. And yes, I dialed for Adam, an amazing performer. Galoux P.S. to poster Neil: This is a private site and hasn't got crap to do with the First Amendment. A private site can ban any speech it wants to. Try learning about the Constitution before you go spouting it.


Kris is adorable and talented but he wasn't the best of the two. Adam rocked and the fact that he is gay does not take away from his amazing talent. He will go far and can't wait to buy my grandson his 1st album.

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