O Yeah: Michelle Obama Fashion Craze Continues

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Up-and-coming fashion designer Jason Wu may have gotten major attention after he created Michelle Obama's inaugural ball gown, but it looks like Michael Kors is running a close second with some non-TV-related press thanks to Mrs. O, too.

Not only did Michelle Obama's White House portrait feature a black Kors ensemble, but she sports an eye-scorching blood orange (red?) dress on the April cover of O.

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This is celebrity fashion news in and of itself, as the only person to ever grace the cover of O during its nine year history is, well, the Big O herself. We mean Oprah.

Bruce Weber shot the cover of the magazine, upon which Oprah is wearing Rachel Roy and touting this as the first interview Obama allowed in the White House.

Technically, wouldn't that honor belong to the already-released March issue of Vogue? Either way, do you like the dress Michelle wears on the new cover of O?

The wife of U.S. President Barack Obama has become our de facto celebrity style icon in-chief since he took office in January. She recently became the second First Lady to grace the cover of Vogue (after Hillary Rodham Clinton).


the two sisters look yummy i wish i could afford to buy the magazine here in Zimbabwe and just give to all my friends who can read,very inspiring.


That't one beautiful cover, and for the haters don't read the book or look at Oprah, she could care less about you.


michelle obama, yuh are a woman.


Ok Michelle, You may have the husband I dream about, you stole my friend Gayle. But I bet you a million dollars I can eat more pizza than you! In fact I can eat more pizza than anyone, I'm OPRAH!


I love Michelle Obama and Oprah! They are both aspirational individuals!!


Actually Vogue interviewed Mrs Obama the week before she moved into the white house


oh my god! plz stop showing the no nonsense blabber mouth preaching oprah! she is freakin annoying and needs to retire already im sick of seeing her face and her crap talkin about oh how pitiful she feels being so FAT again oh booo hooo go get liposuction and tummy tuck u got the money!

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