Michelle Obama Fashion Watch: First White House Portrait

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Michelle Obama's first official portrait as First Lady of the United States (and unofficial First Lady of Fashion) was released by the White House on Friday.

She appears in a Michael Kors black shift dress and pearls in the photo, taken in the famed home's "Blue Room." Here she is looking stunning as always:

In an interview with Andre Leon Talley for the new issue of Vogue, she opens up about helping Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, adjust to life in Washington, D.C.

"I'm going to try to take them to school every morning - as much as I can," she says. "But there's also going to be a measure of independence. And obviously there will be times where I won't be able to drop them off at all."

"I always like to be a presence in my kids' school," the First Mom added. "I want to know their teachers; I want to know the other parents."

Click to enlarge more Michelle Obama fashion highlights, present and past:

Michelle Obama Vogue Cover
Michelle Obama Fashion Sense
Michelle Obama Fashion

Michelle is not an ugly posren, but "Stunning figure" or anything much above "Ordinary-looking" for that matter, pretty much shatters that ol' willing-suspension-of-disbelief barrier in reading the Dummies' fiction about Their Magickal Greatnesses.


*nods approvingly* agrees with chuck..


She has a big horse like body with no proportion.


How in the world is hot?? find her horribly disturbing to look at....


I love Michelle I think she the coolest First Lady there has been.

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