Melissa Rycroft Has a New Man!

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Jason Mesnick who?!?

Less than three weeks after she was supposedly blindsided by the country's least favorite single dad on national TV, Melissa Rycroft has found a new man.

And, in the ultimate revenge against her one-time fiance, Melissa's boyfriend shares the same first name as Jason's son. She's been dating an insurance agent named Ty.

"We've been really good friends, but the timing was never right," Rycroft tells Us Weekly in its latest issue. "With all this going on, he's my support system. It's funny how things happen."

Melissa's Revenge

Melissa Rycroft is dating a man named Ty. Does anyone know his full name? Write in and let us know if you do!

The revelation that Melissa has truly moved on caps a winning week for the spurned beauty.

On Monday, she drew raves from Dancing with the Stars judges, as well as a standing ovation from the crowd, following her and Tony Dovolani's performance of the waltz.

"She feels like Cinderella right now," said Dancing with the Stars producer Conrad Green. "Someone's just called her up and invited her to the ball!"


I saw her last week while on my honeymoon in St. Lucia...and she was definitely wearing a BIG engagement ring


was I the only one who saw Jason Mesnick in the crowd of Dancing with the Stars this week...after Melissas first dance the camera caught him in the crowd - after the second dance the camera went back to the same spot and he was gone....I replayed it several times and was pretty sure it was him!


shelly, my thoughts exactly. i mean geez it hasn't been more than two months since she broke off her engagement with jason! just thought i'd see if anyone else saw anything about that.


Melissa was wearing an engagement ring???? I doubt it. She may have been wearing some major bling but, an engagement ring.... come on now.


rycroft has many things going for her and once she is away from all of the limos and accoutrements provided by the TV Bachelor, she will realize that Jason Mesnick is just a good looking dude, who is hyper emotional and loves "being in love" , He's been in love three times in about a year!!! Hopefully Jason doesn't see himself as some new celeb; savvy advertisers are not going to ask him to be a spokesperson. He should return to his hometown, get some therapy and re-enter the real world even though it will be hard to give up the limo life. Not sure that Molly will stick with him once reality has replaced Reality TV. Rycroft will have many opportunities coming her way and hope she picks sensibly. LosAngles life is so seductive.


did anyone else see the comment that melissa was wearing an engagement ring on "dancing"??? is this true? and i saw on ellen that she said this guy was someone she dated before, and she said that her previous relationships were all shitty. i hope this doesn't end in disaster for her, i like her! i was rooting for her from the beginning, i hope she finds happiness.


I for one hope his full name is Ty....son Beckford!! Swoon! Swoon!




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