Dancing with the Stars Debut: More on Melissa Rycroft

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Fans are still buzzing over the debut of Melissa Rycroft on Dancing with the Stars last night.

With just two days to rehearse with partner Tony Dovolani - and just over a week since having her heart broken on national TV by Jason Mesnick - Rycroft earned the second-highest score of the night, as she performed a nearly-perfect Waltz.

How would she sum up the experience?

"Unbelievable, surreal - all those emotions," she told Us Weekly after the premiere aired. "I never expected, after what just happened, that I would be standing here right now. I got the call on Friday around lunchtime and was on a plane literally seven hours later, and now we are here!"

Rycroft, who studied ballet as a child, said she also benefitted from immediate chemistry with Dovolani.

"I came in, and we instantly started a friendship and began having fun and that made this experience so much better."

How far do you think Melissa Rycroft will advance on Dancing with the Stars?


I wish Chris Brown would punch Samantha Harris in the face too! boy is she annoying.


Jason S Mesnick
13426 NE 136th Pl
Kirkland, WA 98034
4258255834 Howdy fans of mine! I am doing a relationship radio show here in Seattle. I will talk about love, how to find it, keep it, marry it!!!! Please be part of the show! Thanks for all your support! Love Jason, Molly & Ty


I think Melissa did a fabulous job dancing after only 48 hours with her partner. Dancing with the Stars has been my all time favorite show for so many years! Sorry to say I will NEVER again tune in to The Bachelor or the Bachelorette. This season, whether the antics were of the "Network" or truely of an emotionally unstable 32 year old man has brought me back to "reality". Dancing with the Stars does show true talent or "lack of" and skilled training with exceptional dancing partners. I have enjoyed the progress of many dancing couples over the years, but I will no longer waste my time watching couples declare their love in the manner allowed on the Bachelor, as Jason was indeed not ready for this committment. Best of luck to Melissa and Tony in the current season and sorry "ABC" and Jillian, I will not be tuning in as my free time deserves so much more than ABC has to offer. That's a hard hit on the ABC network and I know many who feel the same as I.


Did anyone else notice the HUGE engagment ring on Melissa's finger during her dance? I think ABC is genious! They have gotten plenty of face time with this whole scene. I'm glad they have something else to talk about now and Jason and Molly can move on. They might actually have a fighting chance since people are watching the Melissa circus now.
Best of luck to Molly and Jason! Sometimes you have to follow your guts!


It looks like Melissa enjoys drama and will do anything to be famous. What's next the Brett Micheal's love bus?


Dear lened2u, Would you honestly enjoy having your private life, filled with betrayal, hurt, disrespect and disappointment, to name just a few of the emotions, an open-book for all the world to see? I don't believe that I would. Even though she had ballet when she was a child, the dances that she will be learning will definitely be far from ballet. Just as another example: Lil' Kim, who is a rapper and moves to the beat repetitively, did an excellent job, as did Shawn who is a gymnist who has developed grace, poise, confidence and control in her career. Neither of these however, just as Melissa, have ever been exposed to the type of dancing that will be done on DWTS. The top winner in points, Cheryl's partner, is also in the entertainment field and has had training to some extent. I believe that as time moves forward, they will all be on an even playing field. This, of course, is all my humble opinion.


So she is going to get a chance of winning because she was dumped? WTF! She needs to be disqualified. IT's suppose to be about LEARNING TO DANCE, she has had dance experience. Can I get lots of publicity for the times I was dumped, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


as much as i love melissa, that costume is heinous. why why why?!

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