Michael Jackson's Place Contains Really Weird Stuff

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If Britney Spears exceeded our raunchy expectations with her If U Seek Amy video, Michael Jackson obliterated our creepy expectations with this.

Embattled in the mortgage crisis, Jacko has fired off a legal attack in the hopes of keeping his belongings from Neverland off of the auction block.

Michael, Paris and Prince Jackson

However, even these legal papers come fully equipped with an item-by-item breakdown of the bizarre, disturbing items on his California property.

A sample of the works of art on the 2,952 item list:

  • boy with accordion
  • boy sitting on bricks
  • boy w/ baton and hat w/ feathers
  • two boys on swing bar
  • two boys with ladder
  • boys sleeping on bench
  • boys milking goat
  • boy on a toy car with girl
  • boy pulling 2 boys on a bike
  • boy lifting girl
  • 2 boys sitting on a sunflower
  • little boy with turquoise overalls on a stand
  • bronze boy and girl hugging
  • bronze boy carrying a fruit basket
  • boys catching fish

We could go on but you get the idea. Michael Jackson also has an item called "child's upper body mannequin." Not to worry, though, he owns two of them.


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