Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag to Fake Divorce on The Hills?

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This piece of celebrity gossip comes to us from Star magazine, which means it's almost definitely false. At the same time, it wouldn't surprise us at all.

After staging a fake wedding - one conducted sans marriage license, natch - in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on November 19, attention whores Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have cooked up a new scheme to extend their 15,000 minutes of fame.

The stars of The Hills will pretend to go through ... wait ... wait for it ... a messy divorce, according to the alleged celebrity news magazine!

"Spencer is masterminding the whole thing right now," says a source.

"He'll make sure people see him going in and out of a lawyer's office. Then he'll stage fake fights with [Heidi Montag] for The Hills cameras and talk on the show about how getting married too young wa a mistake and pretend he's conflicted."

Attention Whores

FAUX DRAMA QUEENS: Their Cabo wedding was a complete sham, but netted Speidi a ton of cash. Why not run it back with a fake divorce? [Photos: Splash News Online]

So, to sum up here, the next step in the longest-running publicity stunt in history is for the plastic couple to pursue a divorce - though their "nuptials" weren't legal in the first place - then presumably patch things up last-second.

"Spencer will push this as far as he can, but it will be 100 percent fake. He loves Heidi and will never let her go," says the source. "They're just always looking for a way to out-drama Lauren Conrad. It's their No. 1 goal in life!"

Of course it is. Follow the jump for more Speidi pics from a recent MMA event:

A Pimp and a Ho
The Mastermind
The Bimbo
Plastic Princess
Hatching His Next Plan

i hate spencer because he treated heidi so bad & i really think she better off without him he's controling & disrespectfulto her & her mom i hate spencer because disrespect people especially heidi


I HATE SPENCER. I use to like Heidi but have no respect for her anymore since she chooses to stand by spencers side. I use to view Heidi as pretty classy but she is trash now. She just wants to be under the spotlight but what she doesnt realize it's ALL negitive attention. I feel sorry for her. She just doesnt get it. It's so sad


OMG has anyone relized he thinks he is the coolest and the hottest guy alive he wont have kids or Get A Life so y is she with him there both pathetic they shouldnt be together all they are is a fake couple just trying to get some money well why should they be rich becuse i can fake a realtionship and get payed a million dollars a minute to get filmed to fight with the guy wow im so tired of celebirtys they get everything they want when they want it well news flash I dont cause im not plastic, or a singer,actor/actress, im none of them but i have alot to say about stupid crap that celebirtys get paid for this is so dumb im so tried of it. Ughhhhh !!!!! Hope everyone like the rich and FAMOUS people realize that us normal people are starving or loosing our houses because we dont have enough money to pay for the house they are living in while Famous rich snobs are chilling in there tricked out manchines !!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all i have to say im done here


i hate that he tinks he rules her i would so leave him now he is rude and disrespectful she is wasting her life with him leazve him.


Heidi is better off without Spencer. I hate him. What she done to Lauren was wrong, supposed to be best friends. Look who Heidi has lost through him. Worst thing. heidi still thinks her and spencer done nothing wrong spreding lies!!


They are just practicing for the real thing...Oh, it's coming...wait for it...


oh i hate hate hate him!! he is just a disgusting human being and if he spoke to my mum the way he spoke to heidi's mum he would be gone! is she completely bind? doesnt she watch back the episodes? i cant believe these 2 are stil goin. she is turning out to be just as horrible as he is they are just horrible ppl who will end up with nobody! they need to get a grip! oh i cant stand either of them! horrible pathetic ppl!


He may be smarter than most people and more aware of what's going on, but what a shameful way to use this awareness, being such a manipulative ass. =/


most pathetic couple i have ever seen. they will do anything just to stay in the spotlight.


thats sickening! i used to think yuh were better than him heidi. but you're even worse. lc was yuhr best friend. yuh obviously don't give a sht about anyone but yourself. you're probably the one playing spencer. not the other way around!

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