John Mayer Admits Douchebag Status

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Part of our staff adamantly maintains that John Mayer is a douchebag.

Well, the video below seems to confirm this revelation - although we have to give the singer his due for being funny and self-depricating.

John Mayer paid his respects to Conan O'Brien on the final night of his Late Night show Friday with a brief, taped and moving musical tribute.

Mayer's song, called "L.A.'s Gonna Eat You Alive," offered his thoughts on O'Brien's impending move to the Tonight Show, which films in L.A.

The best lyric? "Look at me, I used to live in NYC. Now I'm as douchey as a man can be." So true. At the end, Mayer said: "Good luck, loser."

Peep the video below ...


Just because he knows how to play the self-deprecation card doesn't make him any less of a douche. It just makes him a douche in PR-mode.


Thanks, Jason for the info on Aniston-Mayer. I didn't get to see the Oscars, would have loved to see Jennifer, Brad Pitt & Angelina bumping into each other.


Yes he is vee1 infact they were spotted together recently in LA.


Never mind Conan, is John Mayer still going out with Jennifer Aniston?

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