Jason Mesnick Makes His Choice ... of Rings!

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There’s just one rose left as Monday's season finale of The Bachelor approaches, and it’s down to Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney, two people as worthy of being called Mrs. Jason Mesnick as any we could imagine (sorry, Hilary Mesnick).

While spoilers abound as to who wins it, one mystery is solved: The single dad will be presenting this ring and doing some crazy name-dropping of product placement references when he gets down on one knee at the final rose ceremony:

The marquis-cut diamond-and-platinum ring from Neil Lane features a 1.94-carat marquis-cut diamond encrusted with 170 smaller ones for a total of 3.18 carats.

As is custom on the show, Jason Mesnick actually had three rings from which to choose, including pear-shaped and oval-cut diamonds. The hunk was torn between a marquis and oval-cut sparkler, but ultimately opted for the marquis.

Host-pimp Chris Harrison probably steered him in that direction.

“He loved the marquis because it had so much fine detail and he thought it was really feminine, and she would love it,” says a source close to The Bachelor.

So... who do you want to receive that sucker?

Melissa Rycroft of The Bachelor

What a relief it is that he had guts enough to right the wrong. It is better now than later for every ones sake. I could see early on that Melissa was not the one for Jason as I stated on my earlier posts. I am so glad that he made it right with Melissa, and especially for Molly on T.V. for some one like me to see. It will not be easy but real love will get them thru it. God bless their little family.


Jason is a whinny creepy player( and lousey actor ...he couldn't get the tears to flow tonight ) that repeated the same lines with all the girls on every date with every kiss and it surprises me that anyone is shocked by what happened.
What"s worse is that ABC chose to humiliate one of the contestants on national TV and I think as a result the show will tank next season,


if he change his mind about melissa and do this i will never watch abc that suck u;ll see all the rating for the next bachelor will be on the floor


Watch your previews again. Jillian will return. Watch again. Molly's expression says a lot and so does the wrist jewelry.


Melissa is not a match for Jason for a wife, nor as a step mom. She is trying to win Ty by talking like a baby to him and he is a smart little guy. Molly is real and not putting up any kind of act. She is a stable 25 yr old. and ready for marriage and being a friend and counselor.


i think he should pick mellissa they match perfect


If Jason Mesnick do this changing on natinal tv then he will be rated the most terrible uncaring person and people not want to believe in the show abc reaitly show the bachelor and bachelorette your rating will be going down for i think will not watch the and more nor believe in it. Jason Mesnick hurts Melissa it over you shouldn't hurt anyone like that on tv why don't you just pick Molly and move on even thou Melissa is the one for TY not that prefect preson don't get dirty lady.


when they showed the upcoming previews, there were two roses, not one.
is deanna back as a contestant?

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