Bristol Palin, Daughter of Sarah Palin, is Pregnant

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Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, is five months pregnant, according to reports.

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    Perfect work!


    Sara save your daughter. Repent now before the rapture. Bristol may be doomed unless ye repent. Repent sinners repent or there be fire and brim stone.




    My thing is Bristol is a young woman who makes choices of her own and I am tired of people judging her. Whoever has never committed a sin please by all means be the first to judge her.


    I am aware that Bristol Palin is not the first teenager to get pregnant,but listening to her mothers values and certain things she stands for it is obvious why. I am shocked and appauled on so many levels that a woman with her knowledge would even be considering taking a job as hectic as vp of America with a pregnant minor at home as well as an infant with down syndrome. Wake up and smell the coffee Sarah Palin.


    Being an 18 year old, I was shocked to hear that Bristol is pregnant. Do they not have condoms or birth control pills in Alaska? This family has enough children, and having a baby at 17 is certainly not something to be "proud" of, as Palin said she was. Getting married at 17 is even stupider than getting pregnant at 17. Bristol just ruined her life, and no one is picking on her by telling the facts. If Palin cannot even run her own family, how can she run the country?


    why is sarah palins family so out there, when obohma,s past is not. how about his ue of cocaine compared to sarah,s husband getting arrested for dui.what about his relationship with terriost ayres. if you are going to dig up negatives I suggest you do so equally.


    the funny thing about most of the pictures on here is: The girls pictured drinking are not bristol, and all of the pictures of bristol on here are completely appropriate.
    The girls pictured include:
    Amber Ingersoll
    Brittany Boring
    Rochelle Chandler
    Sadie something or other. all drinking. not bristol.


    Well on the good side, Sarah Palin's husband wasn't caught in an airport mens room soliciting anonymous gay sex, or doing internet sex chat with a 17 year old boy. I guess you have to be a republican in congress to do that.


    Poor kid.

    With a convenient sex-ed class, she would have discovered pretty useful gadgets: condoms.

    ... and she would have learned that your parents cannot force you to marry.

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