Perez Hilton is an Absolute Genius

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Earlier today, The Hollywood Gossip staff had the temerity to refer to Perez Hilton as "uncreative and unfunny."

In response, defenders of the blogger have pointed to jealousy as the obvious reason why we'd call Hilton out. One of his fans said we were meaner than Perez. We wonder if this same individual also thinks John McCain is running a better campaign than Barack Obama.

To back up our claim that Perez Hilton is an unoriginal (mean-spirited!) hack, let's take a post from his site today. It refers to the ongoing romance between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

Hilton - the photoshopping, hilarious genius that he is - has written the word "Dykons" across the top of a photo. Does a Perez apologist care to tell us what makes that kind-hearted and humorous?

We don't question Perez Hilton's popularity; we question the quality of the posts made by this self-serving blogger.

Moreover, every time Perez Hilton mentions Samantha Ronson, he spells her first name "SaMAN." Get it, readers?!? Because, see, she's gay and she looks like a man. It sure takes a lot of effort to think of that.

Perhaps when Perez comes up with an extensive celebrity photo gallery - complete with a ratings system! - his readers can accuse our staff of slacking off.


i don't even understand if you don't like Perez what the hell are you doing on this site. i don't care what no one says i love Perez and who don't like it can suck it. bitches!!!! get a life and leave Perez own alone.


I used to visit his site everyday, like 5 times, or more. I was a fan. but later on, he who must not be named has become so vile, so evil. despicable! even those who died are not spared from his rubbish.
he has his way of twisting stories to conform to his liking. he has the audacity to proclaim that he is gay but it aint only lindsay & samantha who he has ridiculed for being in an unconventional relationship.
talk about major hypocrite!
he's a demon.
the awfult things he writes for hollywood celebs who might have never as much as glanced his way.
he's rubbish.
complete trash.
and if someone asks if i work for any of the sites, go to hell! i don't.
feel free to comment against me and i'll even give you my personal email add, my facebook,my twitter, myspace and friendster accounts.
( lolz!)
i just enjoy my daily dose of hollywood news.
but i am so done with this swine! he's still fat! oink!


I think it's really unprofessional that this comment was even up on the site about Perez Hilton. At the end of the day you work in the same industry, you report the same stories but present them in different ways. If people find your site offensive then are millions of other gossip site and same goes with . Why all the hate? I am from Australia and to me America appears to be more and more a hatred filled nation. Take a chill pill and stop bitching about each other. At the end of the day will it really help your business or give you so much personal satisfication because you are bitching about someone else online???


hey guys, you are right, he is totally politically incorrect but he entertains because of how many times a day he posts. If you guys updated as much as him i wouldnt have the need to go to him for new news!!!!!


that is just disgusting. 2 girls getting married? well i g2g vomit now


you're absolutely right. but whatever. most of the stuff he writes just shows make him pathetic. how sad must it be to earn money or attention by talking trash? that's pathetic and it also proves that he is the true whore.


i love perez and i go on his site a lot and only herad about this site when i was on a random community page. but i think he should calm down on lindsay and samantha every other website,magazine,tv shows haven't been talking about them a lot lately.samantha is actually so chill i got to meet her at lava


I just started reading Perez Hilton's work. He is very entertaining and I think he is awesome.


i read daily perezhilton@com but he's a gay guy who dislike gay girls and would like every pretty guys be gay.He's too moralist and hypocritical:he started to be boring!


see, i read both and I like both. I like perez because he has a sense of humor but he isn't always mean to the celebs. I like THG because of the legnthy articles and the pictures. I started reading THG about 6 or 7 months ago and read it every day all day while i was at work, but then it started to get boring, the same thing over nad over again, brittany no pants, nude pics of this person here, katie holmes and her hair and fashion, and thhe celb couple names, they are annoying. I really think that when all your fans declare them sleve to perez you guys will rethink your style. Your really really should. But hey, at least your not dirty nad yucky like TMZ! I can't stand them

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