John Edwards: Caught in Hotel with Rielle Hunter?

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Six months ago, we reported a juicy piece of celebrity gossip: That John Edwards, then a top-tier candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, had gotten a mistress named Rielle Hunter pregnant with his love child.

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    Perfect example of a mercy fuck gone bad.


    Who is going to tell Charlie that Camilla is cheating on him? with this American chap


    Now that he has said that he did have an affair, but it is over. why??? was he with her in July 2008 if it was over in 2006????


    edwards has probably cheated before he just got caught this time. Hunter impresses me as just one step away from being a street walker the bad bleach job the hard tack looks this would have probably been just another roll in the hay for edwards except she got knocked up


    I am thinking if one were to check the archives of the days when Larry Flynt was going thru his hell by speaking truth & justice, one just might find little John Edwards in the crowd waving his bible...


    Does he have any special talents? I mean, like can he play a harmonica, strum a guitar, sing along with an old Jim Croce tune, shoot whiskey from a toy pistol? Just wanna help him get acclimated to the street!

    Avatar need to spend money on a bus ticket, just send him on his way


    Strip John Edwards of his worldly possessions and toss him a bedroll...


    It is facinating how some of these pols, all pumped up on vanity, allow themselves to be such suckers. Edwards was like a chicken ready to be plucked. And it just took the right street smart women to do the job. For her it must be like hitting the lottery. And how much more money is she going to get in allowing us to know more of the gritty details. And just think of it, people were trying to elect this fool to be president.



    Another immoral pretty boy. Move over, Bill and Newt et al.? Elizabeth needs a real man in her life esp' right now, a support, not another problem. Cancer is enough--
    BCA in FL

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