What's Lauren Conrad Like in Real Life?

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Really sweet, smart, thinner and even tanner than on TV!

The Hills star launched her latest beauty collection for Mark cosmetics last week, and in turn, won over Glamour magazine's Petra Guglielmetti.

A Blonde Lauren

Donning a strapless dress from her holiday collection, Conrad dazzled the magazine's editor-writer, who shared some impressions of LC:

  • Yes, her hair really is that perfect.
  • She's thinner, tanner and shorter (at five-three) then she looks on TV!
  • LC is shockingly well-spoken, considering the inane conversations we generally see her involved in on The Hills, reciting tons of stats from memory when describing the cosmetics line's new charitable initiatives.
  • Lauren Conrad is really sweet, almost a little shy. No stuck-up vibes whatsoever. LC walked Guglielmetti to the ladies room when she couldn't find it, despite 10 publicists who could have done so instead.
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PLEASE HELP ME! WHEEEERRRRE is this dress from?!?!?!


fake fake fake...hello...sex tape...uh like there is nothing shy about that...heheh...what an idiot


i thought she was a cool person but every kisses her arse because they wanna stay famous she didnt get back with jason and steven cause they wern't interested in her shes the biggest hypocrite ever they only show her being nice shes actually quite stuck up


She seems unusually well-centered for someone living in Hollywood. She must have great parents.


She is gorgeous and inspirational to all young women. Great Job Keep it up!!!!


I guess you will never really know how she is unless you see her off camera's, but when I saw her on camera for MTV she really made an amazing impression. But, lets not forget that LC unfortunately IS an actor!


Does she hell, shes the biggest bitch, the worst kind of bitch, comes across to you all ooo nice and perfect but she is such a nasty person, as you can tell by the friends that keep realising that!


Doesn't surprise me at all- she seems like a really sweet, smart, down-to-earth girl!