Alicia Marie: Would You Hit That?

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Like Joslyn Morse, Candace Houlihan (and Madonna) before her, A-Rod "friend" du jour Alicia Marie is ... well ... a little bit manly. That's not an insult, we're just saying she could likely beat up our entire team of interns.

The Hollywood Gossip is torn on Alicia Marie. We are impressed at how frickin' ripped she is, but aren't sure if she's all that attractive.

Tell us what you think by posting a comment below, unless you're Alex Rodriguez, in which case, don't bother. We already know how you feel, jackass.

Alicia Marie: Would you hit it?

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It is late fall. We have slathered 500 large thumbed homosexuals during our intense love making


Every Day I would do her and drink her bathwater!


Several years after that night of fudge slathering and large thumbed homosexual humping id go to the book store. at the bookstore id talk to the recpitionist. Id ask her why are your sneakers untited. shell look at her sneakes and tie them. While she is doing this ill snap photos of the top of her neck. Ill send them to youtube. Youtube will be in an uproar. Thell say im a cyberbully because of racy neck photos. Fuck this. The top of womens necks are fun and innovative. You can use them as brakes and yarn storages. I know this all sounds slighty psychotic but trust me you are tol retarted to comprehend my ground breaking novel fifty shades of gay.


Lemme tell you what i would do. Id slather dark chocolate fudge on the tip of her tits than take a large tuna fish and bake it. After 45 minutes i would take the baked fish out of the oven. Then we would share the fish eating it simultaniously. Then afterwards i would resume slathering fudge. Then id melt hersey kisses in her hair. Afterward i would put a large previously roasted in the same oven as the fish was previosly mentioned. While the fish cooked id call a large thumbed homosexual. The larged thumbed homosexual would turn off the oven. Whenthe larged thumb homosexual finally manages to turn the dial to off we would put marie in a compromisng position.




I'd motorboat the hell outa that if she had some breasts.


she is one of the most beautiful fitness trainers out there hell yeah I'd that....i'm just scared she would hit me back lol


Bottom line is that most fitness/bikini models are not attractive. We are in the cyber age and if you get the right photographer who's got photoshop, you can look anyway you want. There are no true beauties. Think about it: They dedicate their lives to what they look like because they have to. Not a natural beauty among any of them.


I have met her before and she has a great figure but her arrogant, obnoxious attitude seriously sucks. As long as she doesn't speak she looks good.


How about posting some better pics of Alicia! She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Look at recent pics of her on her website if you wanna judge her. These pics are so old!