Face-Off: Will Tony Romo & Jessica Simpson Get Married?

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Pete and Ashlee who? All we cared about during their lame wedding was the side plot involving Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo, who attended despite breakup rumors. Will Tony and Jessica wed one day? That's today's Face-Off question.

Stand back as The Hollywood Gossip debates ...


YES by Free Britney

To me, it's an easy call. While there will be ups and downs in the coming months, Tony Romo will end up marrying Jessica Simpson because:

  • He's tried to dump her twice already and got roped back.
  • He's obviously gone Hollywood and wants to be famous more than anything, including win playoff games.
  • Those are some gigantic boobs.

Seriously people. After striking out with Carrie Underwood, Alli Sims and Sophia Bush, Romo struck Hollywood gold with Jessica Simpson.

So much money. So much fame. Such huge breasts. So little talent with which to ever upstage him. Such little effort required on his part to keep her pathetic ass satisfied and off his case. Such enormous boobs.

Face it folks. The star QB may try to run, but the pocket will inevitably collapse - as we saw in February when she groveled for him to come back, or last week when Papa Joe guilted him. Like it or not, Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are in this for life.

NO by mischalova

Don't be fooled by the sight of Tony Romo continuing to hang out with Jessica Simpson long after celebrity gossip reporters announced this relationship was as doomed as the movie career of Mel Gibson.

Romo may be still be willing to blitz Jessica's backside (if you know what we mean!), but that doesn't mean he wants to put a ring on her finger (if you know what we mean!).

The Cowboys quarterback has finally realized that the only thing he should be married to is the Dallas offensive playbook.

Just like Romo, the team followed the lead of its quarterback in the post-season last year: the former lay down for Jessica, the latter for the New York Giants.

Tony has now heard the complaints from fans and wised up. He wants to focus on the kind of tight end that wears a helmet, not a thong.

Moreover, Terrell Owens may be a major pain in the ass, but who would you rather be stuck with: him or Joe Simpson? Case closed.

Are Joe and Jessica Simpson's Texas Stadium trips all but over?

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Jessica Simpson too good for Tony Romo hes such a player... Shes not over Nick Lachey and never will be... Nick and Jessica will get back together its just a matter of time....


Jessica Simpson wont marry Tony Romo he's not good enough for this star... Jessica isnt over Nick Lachey and never will be... She knows she made a mistake to break up with Nick Lachey.. It's just a matter of time that they get back together...


TONY, TONY, what is wrong with you. As a die hard Cowboy Fan, find another woman. She has been way too busy for you, too many men. You are so innocent, she has you whipped. Run as fast as you can.


they are broke up and Tony was the perfect guy to take her to the Wonderland so she wouldn't have a break down. Yeah, he'll be forming Romowood soon


They aren't even dating anymore. Why would they get married?!

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