Bobby Banhart Wins A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila

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A day after Tiffany Pollard chose Tailor Made as her mate, Tila Tequila let the world know who had won A Shot at Love with... Tila Tequila.

And that lucky guy? Bobby Banhart.

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Here's the video of Tila choosing Bobby over Dani:


What do you think? Is Bobby Banhart right for Tila Tequila? 


All u jerks need to get a clue Dani was the best choice for Tila...she could've had the best of both worlds....she could've had the look of a strong sexy man wit the gentle touch of a sweet woman and summone who she could have a deep conversation wit all in one person...Bobby is a jerk...I know if I could have her i'd never treat her bad...Tila deserved better than that piece of junk Bobby...


I thought it was a great dission to choose bobby, he is so cute!
and I think they shout be together again!
I don't know why she didn't call bobby!


oh my gosh ! I STILL can't believe Bobby actually messaged me back , after asking .. " what REALLY happened between you two ? " Basically , what Bobby said was that Tila NEVER called him and that she NEVER even gave her to him , so he ended it by breaking it off/ up with her " He wanted to have sex with her but she refused that's why he ended it by breaking it up with her !


WOW!!! Videos being watched right now on YouTube


honestly I see that Tila had made the right choice by picking Bobby... He is just so adorable and he really loves tila... Everyone who thinks she judged wrong on love are too filled up with themselves, because in the end Tila went along with her heart and chose bobby... and no one could of made that chioce for her because Tila herself is a beautiful person... I watched every single show, I cried, jumped up and down, felt so understanding to her choices and I believe she found the love that not everyone can find... Love you Tila and Bobby.... You guys are a match made in heaven... Just have fun and be yourselves.... Bobby take care of Tila.... Muah.... bye... ohh... and Tila your Dress was beautiful girl...


I am sooo glad he picked Bobby...cute couple...Wish you best of luck... U'r fan Daisy


dani is a gay ugly dork


thank good bobby won. he was the best option for her.


Hey!!!!! At least give me a little credit for posting the final show...very sad, I was hoping my name would have been mentioned :(


Im so happy bobby won! =) they are the cutest couple ever!

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