Lynne Spears to Appear on The View Wednesday, Britney Spears Hiding Out, Lookin' Flabulous in Mexico

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Taking a break from her incredibly busy schedule of tanning, shopping and taking dance classes, Britney Spears jutted off to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for some desperately needed rest and relaxation over the weekend.

Britney is hiding out until after her mother, Lynne Spears, appears on The View Wednesday June 6. It's nice to see that the mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn is doing better after being hospitalized with pneumonia on Mother's Day, and it will be interesting to see what the eldest member of the Spears clan has to say to Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her co-hosts.

Britney, of course, blames Lynne (along with former manager Larry Rudolph) for "making her" go to rehab, and wouldn't go see her at the hospital. Which makes perfect sense.

Does she think going to rehab was a bad thing? Hey, she got some ass there (from Howie Day), and it isn't as if the experience changed much as far as her partying. Come on.

Time to bury the hatchet, Britney. Sure, your folks pushed you so hard they drove you insane - but they're trying to help now. Plus, Jayden James wants to see Grandma!

Anyway, here are some pictures of Britney in a thong bikini from her little Mexico trip. No clue who the chick at right is. Possibly her cousin Allie.

We know it's probably just the low photo quality, but Britney's once-hot rear end has seen better days. Might want to cut out the junk food, girl. Yikes.


Sk8er Boi 07. Avril Hot. That sucks. Because the raging bitch inside her doesn't make up for her hotness, appeal, whatever. I use to think she was cute way back with her old image. She is a very attractive young lady now. But when people say she's hot, gorgeous, sexy it's just makes me sick that people can't see past her image. Her and her husband aren't strap in together well enough to keep that bitch down.


People say what you wanna about her, Britney is still a babe! Once she loses all the weight, grows back her hair and revives her music career she is going to be hotter than ever. Forget all these skinny girls out there, Britney is the greatest!


Britney is hott and happy with her new man from Los Angeles. She has been seen with Jon Sundahl, a guy helping her with her 12 step program. He can help me any time!!


I just hope that Britneys Mom has enough class to go on the View and only say nice things about her daughter..I'm sure that Britney and her Mom will work things out...It was already determined that when Britney entered rehab there was NO drugs found in her system and that it was post partum depression, so can we give the girl a break now?


Britney sure went downhill, didn't she? She used to be really cute and sexy, now she just sucks. She allowed herself to get all nasty looking and also let her career go down the tubes just when she was getting bigger and better than ever. I, personally, was always partial to Christina Aguilera myself out of the two, but Avril Lavigne is my alltime favorite. That girl is so gorgeous and sexy without being a slut. And I love that she's a tomboy and can still turn guys on. All my fellow frat brothers think she's hot also. Gwen Stefani is another fave of mine, as well as Kelly Clarkson, even though she has been paking on the pounds lately, but at least she don't go around grossing people out by wearing bikinis everywhere she goes. But, Avril has got the best body out there, with those killer curves. I don't care if Britney ever comes back looking "hotter than ever", Avril Lavigne will still top her.


HOLYMOTHEROFGOD!!!! Britney Spears is still so SMOKIN' HOOOOOTTTTT!!!!!! She is way better looking than Christina Aguilera and a far better performer!!!! I'm just so happy that Brit left K-Fed so now I can get to her!!!! Man, she is the hottest woman alive, not Jessica Alba, nor Lindsay Lohan!!!!!


Britney is so freakin' hot! I don't think she ever stopped being hot! How could Maxim Magazine leave out Britney, but put Christina Aguilera at #4, and then place Lindsay Lohan on top?! They have no clue! None of these starlets would even be famous if it weren't for Britney Spears, because she is the queen! Britney, you can park that fine ass over here anytime! WOOO-HOOOO!!!!!!!


Man Britney has got to be the hottest babe on the planet!! Forget Scarlett and all these other so called "babes"...Britney is the sexiest most beautiful woman alive!!

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