Willa Ford Set to Portray Anna Nicole Smith

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This week isn't just bringing good news to fans of Larry Birkhead.

Those that have been clamoring for a biopic of Anna Nicole Smith to hit the big screen are in luck: a film version of this starlet's life begins shooting next week. And just who will portray the former Playboy model?

Playboy Bunny

Willa Ford, of course.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant certainly has the blonde hair to pull of the role. But does she possess the giant boobs? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, we haven't received word yet on who will star as Dannielynn.

We vote for Ramona Sarsgaard.


this willa Ford is out right ugly and does not even look like Anna . She is ugly ..


I'll bet the girl we know is the same one that Dan Beach mentioned that imitates Anna at Orlando. She also is the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe. Again, her name is Dawnn Behrens. She is awesome!


We know a woman who looks like, sounds like, and acts like Anna Nichole. The similarity is so remarkable it is uncanny! The lady is an excellent professional performer and actress as well and a natural for the part as Anna.
Her name is Dawnn Behrens and can be reached at dawnnblondee@aol.com


There's a girl in Orlando that does Anna at Universal. She's the spitting image. I understand why for politics you might need to use a name that attracts money, but you should reconsider if you have the best person for the respect of the dearly departed. Anna had layers and you should make sure you have the right woman for the depth of the role. Just a thought.


After being told almost everyday I looked just like Anna Nicole Smith I became a professional Impersonator even doing television commercials, stage shows and corporate events.
I would have loved to be able to audition for the role. Sadly, I was not offered that chance. I hope it will be done with respect to Anna's memory.


GOD!!!!!! there should be a search for an Anna Nicole look alike. Willa isn't even attractive. She has no resemblance to Anna. Find someone who is a nobuddy that looks like her............. be real


What most people don't know is that there was another actress that turned down the role for another movie that she was already filming. I believe her name is Darcy Donavan from the movie "Anchorman". It's to bad too cause I know that she could have done a much better job than Willa Ford. I was in the waiting area when Entertainment Tonight was there interviewing her. She seemed like she was a really nice person but Willa came off a Pompus bimbo. Oh well, I'm looking forward to Ms. Donavan's new psychological thriller that she's currently working on. My friends tell me it's going to be a great movie. .


Please do not use Willa Ford to play Anna Nicole.
There is no resemblence at all. Anna Nicole was a classic beauty.
If it is just that you want someone with light blonde hair-then dye it.
I am shocked, this is so disappointing to me.
This girl isnt even in the same league look-wise as Anna Nicole.
Please consider finding someone who is worthy of the part.

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