Insane Britney Spears: Rumors From the Rehab Clinic

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Promises Clinic, the rehab center Britney Spears is currently inhabiting, discovered Britney's "death list" after stripping the pop star of all her possessions when they suspected she smuggled cocaine into the facility.

The list included her estranged husband, Kevin Federline, as well as several members of the paparazzi. A source said:

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"When the staff confronted her she burst into tears, crying uncontrollably. She's such a broken woman. She has dark fantasies about terrible things happening to her enemies."

The mother of Jayden James and Sean Preston has also become "increasingly paranoid" and routinely checks her room for recording devices because she feels "that her thoughts are being recorded," says a source.

Bald Britney is rumored to have been placed on suicide watch - an allegation her manager and family deny - and the staff has reserved a bed for her at University of California Hospital's psychiatric ward. Suicidal or not, since checking into rehab, Britney is still on the edge of a breakdown. Here's what a purported friend of Spears has to say:

"She's convinced that everyone is out to get her... And the smallest thing can set off a fully-blown panic attack. She gets this fearful look in her eyes and starts trembling all over, dripping with sweat, gasping frantically for breath and looking like she's going to faint at any time. It's absolutely terrifying to see. It's the behavior of someone who has completely lost their mind."

Yesterday, Jason Alexander, Britney's husband for 55 hours back in 2004, revealed that Britney has been a hard ass druggie for some time. He claims they used cocaine, Ecstasy, Valium and Vicodin during and that Britney almost overdosed on MDMA (pure "E").

Jason Alexander (not to be confused with the Seinfeld star) says:

"I took her in the bathroom and threw her in the shower. She was unconscious. She tripped and fell. I was trying to hold her up and speak to her. She wasn't moving. I remember looking down at her all crumpled in the tub with the water coming down. She looked so white and lifeless. I thought she was dead. I thought, 'This bitch is going to f*%king die right here in front of me.'"

Good God. If we were Britney Spears' publicist or manager right now, we'd probably kill ourselves. We're not saying that Larry Rudolph should go commit suicide, far from it. We're just saying he's a terrible manager, and his train wreck client isn't doing him any favors, either. Good luck resurrecting that career now!



Just wanted to say looking back at this article,She made quite a comeback and Larry is still coping fine as her manager.So fuk u haters.Also this is such a biased article.BRITNEY rules and She will ALWAYS be QUEEN OF POP


stupid star fuc*%rs
shes a dumb whore, who's finally getting what she deserves.
She is the next M.J.


hahahaha. Britney has lost the plot aye.. hehehe. She looks like Marlon Brando, but without the looks andthe talent.. "Pray for her"? hehehehe... God help the poor cow.


shes a crazy bitch


I'm praying for you Britney.Let me remind you your recovery depends on one!


britney girl I have supported you from the begining and I just want to say I am here for you girl I sort of know what your going thru losing touch with your kids is not easy and then going thru a divorce I have been thru it all and I ahve also been in rehab at the worst time of my life i'll pray for you girl just stay strong don't give up girl do it for the two handsome babies you got because they are going to be there for you in the end no matter what don't let kevin get the best of you everytime you get to where your feeling down just think of a happy moment with your kids or your music and I know you'll pulll hru this love you girl stay hot and sexy.


i am sorry that she has gotten this far. its a horrible thing to see someone go down hill that fast. i have never really been a fan of her but i think its sad that everyone is judging her because she is going through a hard time. i have friends who are in her same boat ( with out the fame) and i know alot of people do too. How would we feel if we were or our friends were being judged the way she is. We dont know anything about her life except for what is written about her in the news. SO, for all of this and all that she is going through I am sorry and I wish her the best. My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family at this time....




I LOVE BRINEY SEARS...............ALL THE PEOPLE HERE THAT ARE PAYING HER OUT ARE THE REAON SHES ACTING LIKE THIS>>>>>>>>u should just go and live ur own lives u freaks.....ur all just jealous of her
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