When Britney Spears Attacks!

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Celebrities always walk a fine line between welcoming publicity and trying to live privately. Unfortunately, it's hard to have it both ways.

Steamy Scene

Take Britney Spears for instance.

She almost literally grew up before the cameras in the Mickey Mouse Club along with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake.

As a teen, she became a megastar and has been in the public eye ever since. There was even a (crappy) reality show about her marriage to Kevin Federline.

But now she's in full-on train wreck mode.

The singer with the shaved head has a mountain of personal problems, and if you combine that with the stress of not getting to see her kids whenever she wants, it may have been what pushed the star over the edge Wednesday.

As we reported yesterday, Spears came by K-Fed's pad in Tarzana, Calif., to see her young sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, but FedEx refused to let the troubled pop star inside.

Fuming, she stopped by a gas station afterward and unleashed her fury on a photographer's car with an umbrella (breaking the umbrella in the process) before jumping back in her vehicle and speeding away.

She resurfaced later that night at Promises Malibu Treatment Center, where she checked into rehab for the second time this week and the third time in a month - of course, Brit bailed twice after less than 24 hours.

This really isn't funny. The important thing is that Spears is now getting the help she needs. But anyway, are some hilarious pictures of her freaking the f*%k out.

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i think she is doing a good job, out there things r looking up. 4 every one thanks 4 every thing bs




WTF do people expect her to do when she has a#*holes in her face all the time. Let her go through this low point in her life, with out cameras in her face.


Those news camera people have nothing
else better to do then chase and follow
Britney.s every move. She,s trying to get on with her life so can't these rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate beings leave her the HELL alone.What if they push her
once too many times and she fatally harms herself for good. Oh, what would the paparazzi do then and the other mean people who get their cookies off
attacking Britney they would be lost then.
I wonder who they would hound and harass next?


LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! People need to mind
their OWN DAMN business for once.
How would you like to get hounded by those paparazzi dogs when your going through a hard time right now.People need to back the hell off and leave her
alone!!! Is the paparazzi so hard up for work that they can't find something more
interesting to report on or are they going
to hound Britney like they did Princess
Diana inwhich the paparazzi lead to her


You know what? I don't think that she is mad or smth. She is doin a right thing. I am also sick of everything, what is going on around people. Money, fame....Let's bald our heads for trueth, for our children for our world. We decide what to do with our lifes and nobody else. Spears brought freedom and protest by actingthis way.It is like she says "What a hell, am I free to do it or not?" At least her children won't say, that she didn't do enything and just accepted all the events that are going on not only in her life, but in the lifes of every person in this world. She is brave, that's all. Not every human can find strenght inside. Let's be angry, but we should use this emotion in a smart way. She did it.


woooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh wat a freak


que terrible como se ve esa mujer, parece endemoniada, no sabe lo que hace, no sabe en que gastar todo lo que ha ganado, la fama la tiene pa la caga


This is hilarious. She brought this on herself. She is the one craving attention by giving panty-less crotch shots a month earlier and partying w/ Paris, now she shaves her head like a complete idiot and doesn't expect paparazzi to have a field day with it? Please.


i sencond amber leave her alone, this isnt funny.


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