Is That Val Kilmer ... or a Walrus?

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We have to hand it to our friends at for this one. Forget the comparison between a ragged Jessica Simpson and over-the-hill Britney Spears, what about Val Kilmer ... and a walrus?

Val K

Val Kilmer is my idol and he's one of the most talented and kind-hearted people in the world, and he doesn't deserve the constant abuse from the media. He does so much good in the world, and is a beautiful person, inside and outside. Heck, even I think he's HOT! Cheers, Michael


With all the good he has been doing recently with his charities, with the truly amazing talent he has for acting, the personal attention he gives to his fans, WHY does everyone focus about weight. I have met him in person, about 2 weeks ago and you know what? He is truly truly sexy. Sexy isn't all about body image, besides I'd rather a man look like a man (even with a little extra meat) than to appear to look like a boy like some of the Hollywood actors do. Not many of them have even an ounce of the talent Val has!


Give it a break, he is hot, and will always be hot.


Did you people forget that he has feelings too. If you ask me, I think he's still sexy. I'm only 29 and I'd take him any day of the week.

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Val K Val Kilmer is formerly Batman; now just a random actor. He's gained a great deal of weight over the years. More »
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