Young College Baseball Fan Stares Into Camera, Your Soul

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On its own, the College World Series is not a very popular sporting event.

Quick, can you name last year's title winner? We didn't think so.

But a young fan in attendance at the TCU versus Coastal Carolina game on Saturday brought some unexpected attention to the showdown.

That's because he decided to get into a starting contest with the camera.

kid at game

A really frightening staring contest, we should say.

In footage that has gone viral, the freckle-faced boy stares directly at the camera without blinking, making the occasional funny face.

He also may be staring straight into your soul and will definitely be haunting our dreams tonight.

But whatever. Over 387,000 Likes can't be wrong, can they?

This is definitely worth your time to watch, possible soul-staring be damned...

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