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A woman, Dee, recently contracted a giant ball of fungus inside her very large breast implants, and the results of that are truly shocking.

If you watch Botched online, you will see her tell Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif about how she got implants many, many years ago.

Clearly, things are not all right with those enormous fake boobs.

Things are very, very wrong … so wrong that doctors refused to help her because of the risks. Fortunately, that brought her to Botched.

Terry and Paul will go where other doctors won’t, literally, and in this case that meant discovering a "fungus ball" in Dee’s giant implant.

While this story might make you physically sick, you can take positives away from it that will allow you to stave off the nightmares later:

  1. They actually fixed her up really nicely, it’s impressive;
  2. YOU don’t have a fungus ball inside you … we hope.