Wendy Williams Trashes Lamar Odom Over New Reality Show: Nobody Cares!

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Wendy Williams has a tendency to be the literal worst, but she has always expressed a soft spot for Lamar Odom.

... Until now, that is. He and his girlfriend have a new streaming show, and Wendy doesn't give a flip.

Wendy Williams at home

Like many TV hosts, Wendy Williams is currently filming her show from home in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

After going on an extensive rant about people recording themselves looking too casual for her tastes, Wendy gets down to business.

"All right, so, Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr, they are documenting their relationship," Wendy begins.

She notes that the couple are doing so via a reality series "on FUBU."

Lamar Odom and His Fiancee

"Now, I don't know what that is," Wendy freely admits.

FUBU is a clothing company that has not participated in the US market for nearly two decades, but continues to enjoy success abroad.

Now, the brand is branching out into streaming with FUBU Network.

Our guess is that the streaming platform is intended to have appeal overseas, where the brand has more recognition.

THE Wendy Williams

"And Lamar and Sabrina," Wendy admonishes, "nobody cares about y'all's relationship."

"Sabrina is a life coach," she explains to her viewers.

Wendy then gossips: "But she's got a whole bunch of arrest pictures at the police precinct."

Sabrina was arrested for assault in 2015.

Wendy Williams is Sorry

"Lamar says he's a sex addict," Wendy reminds everyone.

"And," she adds, "they say they don't want to have sex until they get married."

Lamar has pointed to his alleged "sex addiction," which is not recognized by the greater psychiatric community, as a past problem in relationships.

Sabrina Parr and Lamar Odom

"Lamar has two kids here in New York, grown," Wendy remarks.

"I don't know what kind of time he spends with these kids," she admits.

"You know what," Wendy comments, "I feel dirty doing the story."

This is apparently the end of it, as she changes the subject.

Lamar Odom and his new GF

It was only last week that Lamar and Sabrina teased their upcoming project, which they said is starting "in a couple of weeks."

"What's up people, I hope this video finds you all in good health and corona-free," Lamar said on Instagram.

"I'm just chilling right here with my soon-to-be wife," he gushed.

"And we just wanted to bring you all in," he expressed, announcing: "We're going to shoot our own reality show."

Lamar and Sabrina Parr

"There's been a lot of questions online and we really haven't answered anything," Sabrina acknowledged.

She explained that they had played coy "because y'all are about to see, as soon as the reality show drops in a couple of weeks."

Sabrina teased: "you'll really see our true love."

Sabrina Parr

"We're both imperfect people," Sabrina acknowledged.

"But the point is we love each other," she affirmed.

"And we're fighting really hard for this relationship and we're still here," Sabrina stated.

"Come live with us," Lamar invited his followers. "Come holler at us, come support this black love."

Lamar Odom, Fiancee

As we mentioned, Wendy has said more than once that she has a special place in her heart for Lamar Odom.

It's curious to hear her dragging him like this.

Our guess is that she does not approve of Sabrina Parr or his relationship with her.

But we're curious to see how Lamar will respond.

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