Wendy Williams: Kanye West Is Nuts and Kim Is Pathetic for Defending Him!

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Kanye West is praising Trump on social media and claiming that they both have "dragon energy," leaving fans feeling betrayed and wondering if Kanye is losing his mind ... or if he's just not the man they thought he was.

But Kim Kardashian has been pulling out all of the stops to defend her husband, even as his outlandish statements elicit more and more scorn.

As you'll see in the video below, Wendy Williams is referring to Kanye as a "cuckoo." As for Kim? Wendy thinks that she's just pathetic.

Wendy Williams Enjoys Kanye West's Mental Breakdown

On her show on Wednesday, Wendy Williams, who has built her brand by delighting in the misery of others, laid into Kanye for his recent behavior.

"I believe that Kanye is helping ruin the [Kardashian] brand and his own, as well."

Kanye's bizarre tweets and other statements reflect poorly upon himself, but many fear that he is tainting Kim's brand.

"It’s just another loose nut in the tree, in the empire."

The Empire that Kris Jenner has worked so hard to build for herself, her children, her grandchildren, and future generations.

(For what it's worth, Kris has denied that she and Kanye have been fighting)

Wendy continues:

"And then here goes Kim."

Kimye, Ready to Kiss

"I don’t know whether this is just a boring day in her life or whether she’s purposely doing this to draw attention from the Kanye debacle, which has exploded."

We actually suspect that Kim may have planned these photos some time ago, to promote her new fragrance line.

"But yesterday she posts this picture -- nude."

Kim has posted a lot of hilariously naked photos recently, including her entire naked figure.

The specific photo to which Wendy is referring is this one.


Wendy then goes on to sing Kim's praises.

"Totally nude. Totally done, no razor bumps, no ingrown hairs, no nothing."

Well ... surely Kim's had laser hair removal, right? She's rich. Why would anyone ever want to shave again when they can just have doctors laser off those unwanted body hairs?

"You know what, even if there is a little bit of airbrushing, you gotta admit..it’s still good."

After that compliment, however, Wendy quickly changes her tune.

"But how pathetic is she? How pathetic!"

It seems that Wendy really doesn't think much of Kim pulling out all of the stops to distract the world from Kanye's bad behavior.

Interestingly, Wendy seems to think that Kanye's fall from grace is Kim's fault.

"He hasn’t been the same since he married Kim. What ever happened to the thought-provoking Kanye?"

Honestly ... a lot of people feel that Kanye was always like this on some level.

"We knew he was slightly nutty, but we’re all a little nutty. When he got with that family, number one, he should’ve stayed… in the back."

By which she means that he should have kept doing his own thing -- and doing Kim -- without blending his brand with the Kardashians.

"He should not have participated in that reality show."

MAGA Kanye

Wendy seems less focused on Kanye's outlandish Trump support, which is causing him to hemorrhage followers whose concern has turned to disgust, and more focused on his business decisions.

She says that he reportedly parted ways with so many people because he issued a demand to each of them that they fire all of their other clients and only work with him.

This is absurd, and that's clearly what Scooter Braun and the others thought. Wendy agrees.

"If I were Scooter, I wouldn’t fire Grande and all those other girls for a cuckoo."

Classic Kimye

She apologizes. Sort of.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry -- he’s going through things."

"So…for him. I think this demand is unreasonable, but so is he under present conditions, this Kanye."

She lays into Kanye.

"When you hired Scooter, you knew he had other clients, and now that you want him to split with them, you (Kanye) are being very, very unreasonable."

Watch the clip below and decide if Wendy's being fair -- or close enough -- to Kanye.

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