Wendy Williams Cries Lame Tears, Apologizes for Rape Remarks

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God, Wendy Williams sucks.

Earlier this week, the talk show host stuck her irritating nose in the business of Nelly, commenting on a serious allegation leveled against the artist:

A woman has claimed Nelly raped her this month after she met up with him inside a tour bus following a concert in Washington.

Wendy Williams Chats

Despite the seriousness of this allegation, and her complete lack of information regarding what transpired, Williams felt a need to offer an opinon this past Monday.

And it was a very controversial one.

"If she did not put herself in that situation, this wouldn’t have happened,” Williams actually said, blaming the alleged victim and then dressing her down as follows:

"Young lady, you’ve got to stay out of tour buses."

Because Williams said if she did not put herself in that situation, this wouldn’t have happened, stunned critics called Williams out for saying it's a woman's fault if she gets sexually assaulted.

So Williams took to the air today and clarified her position.

Wendy Williams Cries

“Sometimes, I might say something that you don’t understand," Williams explained, now blaming the audience for misunderstanding her words.

But, I am the girl to cop to it,” she added, randomly going on to say it can be “tough” to anchor her talk show without a co-host.

“During the story, I was telling you that there was a young woman who went on the tour bus,” she continued of how she addressed the rape allegations made against Nelly.

“Maybe cavalierly you caught my comments saying, ‘Well you gotta watch where you go.’ I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Yes, maybe we, the viewers, caught her comments cavalierly. This is our fault.

Williams proceeded to tell the story of how she was scared to walk around alone as a young woman and often feared that she could have been sexually assaulted.

Even though she never was.

Going all third person on us, Williams said the following:

“There was a girl named Wendy and she was only 13-years-old, but looked like a woman."

This 13-year old would often run errands and encounter "disgusting" men and it really freaked her out.

At this point, Williams started crying, playing the victim of a crime that was never committed.

"All I’m saying regarding young women is, I apologize if my message was met with callousness,” she concluded.

“What I meant to say is, young ladies, we should be able to go wherever we want to go, but, we always have to know where the exits are...

"We always have to be aware, that’s all I was saying."

Watch the embarrassing non-mea culpa below:

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