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A lot of sh*tty people do sh*tty things.  But some are worse than others.

Lying about having terminal brain cancer to launch a blog and food company is right up there with the worst of them.

Belle Gibson, social media celeb and wellness expert, admitted in an April interview that she lied about her cancer diagnosis.

Now that the world hates her, she is backtracking saying that she did believe she had cancer.

She said, “I lived for years with the fear that I was dying. I wasn’t living in a space where I didn’t know that this was my reality." 

Belle claims that an immunologist and neurologist ran a series of tests during a home visit.  At the time, according to Gibson, the doctor diagnosed her with brain cancer.

Of course, no record of this doctor or visit can be found. Still, Belle said she “believed he was a real doctor.” 

So what’s a girl who lies about cancer to do???  Bank on her musings on her site about wellness and natural remedies to help beat the disease.

Oh yeah, and take money from them on her site Whole Pantry.


Before she started making money off of her brand, brain scans from 2011 show that she was cancer-free.