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Tyson Beckford is not afraid to take on the heavyweights of Hollywood.

He made that very clear when he took Justin Bieber to task a couple years ago, absolutely destroying the singer by dubbing Bieber a little boy.

Now, in his latest sidewalk chat with TMZ, the model takes aim at Matt Damon.

Photo via TMZ

Initially, the cameraman asks Beckford about Damon’s role in the latest Jason Bourne movie as a way of mocking the actor.

He only has, like 25 lines in the entire film, the cameraman jokes. That’s like a million bucks per line!

But Beckford has no problem with Damon’s speaking role and/or salary. He says that if one can get the money, one should most definitely go out and get it.

The very handsome star, instead, takes issue with something else when it comes to Damon and this beloved character:

Bourne’s prominent use of guns.

Damon, Beckford argues, is one of the most outspoken celebrity gun control advocates.

So should he really be out there, shooting up a storm on the big screen? Isn’t this sending a bad message to fans?

"You can’t sit there and denounce the gun when the gun is making you money," Beckford tells TMZ in the following video.

He doesn’t seem too upset over it, mind you, later adding that "It’s Hollywood [and] you can lie and … make money," so whatever.

Should this really be any point of contention, however? Are we really saying that an actor can’t be in favor of common sense gun control while also portraying a character who shoots guns?

For what it’s worth, Bourne really only shoots handguns and no gun control advocate out there is trying to ban the sale of handguns to law-abiding citizens.

What do you think of this debate?

Is Damon a hypocrite for taking a political stance in real life and then taking on the role of Jason Bourne?

Or should Beckford just chill out? (Although, again, the guy is pretty chill in this video. He’s just sayin, basically. Check it out for yourself below.)