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Any situation that involves Jimmy Fallon and Jonah Hill is sure to be chock full of laughs, and last night’s was no exception.

Hill went on The Tonight Show to promote his new movie, War Dogs. 

Rather than play a game as he does with most guests, Fallon took Hill to the Art Students League for some drawing lessons.

Ah, what a time they had.  

The two "students" were asked to first draw a still life portrait of a bowl of fruit and a decanter.  What Hill found unsettling about the scene set before him was a lone artichoke.  

"Most fruit plates I put out don’t have an artichoke," Hill said.

Fallon completed his portrait and proudly showed it to Hill and the teacher.

"I call this extreme artichoke," he declared.

"Mine is called…art of pain," Hill said with a laugh as Fallon giggled over the hot mess Hill had drawn on his sketch pad.

"I think it’s definitely easier and more generic to, like, draw exactly what you see.  So, like, good job," Hill said in defense of his portrait.

The teacher then introduced Patrick, the students’ live model.  Patrick derobed, and neither Hill nor Fallon could hold it together.

It’s nearly impossible for Fallon to keep a straight face/stay in character when he finds something funny.  The man literally could not contain his laughter as soon as Patrick took off his robe to reveal a stark naked body.

"Grow up, Jimmy," Hill mocked his buddy as soon as he himself stopped laughing.

Patrick stood stone-faced as he moved into different poses, each one mocked by the students.

Hill and Fallon thought one pose looked "sassy," which…to be fair, it did.

"Ya’ll don’t know me," Fallon captioned Patrick’s pose.

Hill jokes that Patrick is actually his father, and insists that Fallon introduce himself and compliment Patrick’s…body?

The big reveal came at the end, when Hill revealed his hidden talent for drawing Fallon in the nude.

Isn’t it amazing what one art lesson can teach you?!

Watch the video below.