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There is arguably not a more supportive husband on television than Tyler Baltierra.

Tyler Baltierra Teen Mom OG

The Teen Mom OG star held the fort down while wife Catelynn Lowell sought treatment last March for depression and anxiety.

Baltierra was clearly doing his best to stay strong, but he had his moments where he just couldn’t hold it together.

In a recent clip, Baltierra spoke to his mom about Lowell’s decision to go to an Arizona rehab, and what led to it.

"How long is Cate gone…what’s going on?" his mom asked.

"I think 30 days," Baltierra answered, adding that if Lowell’s psychiatrist suggested she stay longer, then she may extend her stay.

"And she went because she wanted to go?" mom asked.

"She so wanted to go," Baltierra said, remembering his conversation with Lowell and how she said that she "didn’t want to feel like this anymore."

Baltierra admitted that Lowell was still having a hard time despite already undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the couple’s daughter, Novalee had a stare-off with the family dog. She lost, but received kisses for her participation.

Novalee Baltierra Kisses Dog

"I told her, ‘I’m gonna be honest with you, honey.’  I said, ‘I can’t do this for the rest of my life.’

"And she told me, ‘I don’t either.’"

Baltierra then went into how difficult their first year of marriage and being parents to Novalee (who turns 3 on January 1st, 2017) has been.

"It is so opposite of what I thought," Baltierra admitted to his mom.

He said he started nothing changes in Lowell when their daughter was about three months old.  

It got to the point where Lowell was laying in bed until noon, under the covers and watching Netflix. 

Baltierra would take Novalee in to wake her up, and Lowell would have no interest in joining the outside world.

Baltierra said he told Lowell that it’s OK to admit that she wasn’t ready to be a mom, and Lowell burst into tears, wondering why she was "so f–ked up."

In another scene, Baltierra was talking about Lowell going off to rehab.

"[She’s] like a log just rolling through days," he said, knowing that it was a smart decision for his wife to seek help.

Going back to the scene with his mother, Baltierra’s heart broke for Lowell.

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"’Look at me, it’s affecting you, and it’s affecting my mom,’" Baltierra remembers Lowell saying.

He broke when he started to tell his mom that Lowell blamed herself for messing up the family, at which point his mom rushed over to hold him.

It’s heartbreaking.  Grab the tissues.

Lowell released a statement to MTV News when she entered rehab.

"I’m seeking help for myself and my family," she wrote.

"Thank you to all of my supporters. My family and I would appreciate some privacy at this time."

Lowell and Baltierra married in August 2015 after being together for over 11 years.

I am so lucky we stole each other’s heart in middle school & I’m able to experience the amazing soul you have," Baltierra wrote to his wife on Instagram as they celebrated their one-year anniversary.

"It just grows deeper & deeper with its capacity for love that endures & continues to outlast all things. I love you honey!"