Tristan Thompson Snaps, Gets Into On-Court Altercation

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At the same time his team has lost two NBA playoff games in a row, Tristan Thompson may finally have lost it as well.

The veteran power forward has been mirred in controversy for over a month now, ever since the Internet discovered that he cheated on Khloe Kardashian numerous times over the course of their relationship.

Moreover, he did so while Khloe was pregnant with his child.

It doesn't get much more dishonest and shady than that.

Tristan Thompson vs. Marcus Morris

This scandal has rocked Tristan's world, largely because it broke just as the Cleveland Cavaliers were embarking on a post-season run, hoping to make the Finals for the fourth year in a row.

Would Thompson's play be affected by chatter that he snubbed Khloe on Mother's Day and seems like a generally terrible person?

Not really, actually, as Tristan has been balling so hard that he was inserted into the team's starting lineup for Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night.

He played 30 minutes. He scored eight points and he grabbed seven rebounds.

But he also may have finally snapped from all the recent tension and pressure.

Tristan Thompson Gets Angry

Just over halfway into the third quarter, with his team up by three points, Thompson fouled Boston's Marcus Morris on a drive.

Like the way Tristan's penis acts when an Instagram model's vagina is in the vicinity, the ball went in and Morris screamed in celebration.

Thompson took exception to this outburst of excitement and started telling at Morris.

The player were quickly in each other's faces and had to be separated from teammates, lest the verbal altercation turn physical.

Tristan Thompson Celebrates Hard

Was Thompson simply caught up in the heat of the sports moment?

Would he have reacted this way if the Khloe scandal was not hanging over his head every second of every day?

If he wasn't being called out by Kim Kardashian and company?

And did Morris' trash talk include references to Thompson's abhorrent behavior as a boyfriend?

We may never know the answers to these questions.

But click PLAY on the video below to watch Thompson totally and completely lose it during a crucial playoff sequence:

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